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We’re down to 6 weeks to go until the wedding. Everything seems to be clipping along nicely – except for when we went to NY to do some planning and meeting with some of the folks helping (read: we’re paying) to make our wedding happen, our caterer got called to a funeral at the last minute and couldn’t meet with us. Really. Food? No big deal, right? WRONG! We have a small group – about 50 people, but they are all flying in from all different places on the globe. Atlanta, California, Texas, England, Wisconsin, Illinois, etc. We really wanted […]

More Wedding Progress

I think my charge card is smoking from over use! More items off my to do list: Place cards and holders (cute little purple butterfly holders at each place setting!) Pretty silk butterfly confetti to scatter around on each table The wedding favors and gifts for the guests The cake is HALFWAY ordered – need to confirm The contract has been faxed and deposit paid to the photographer Moving right along! I tell all this to Chris – and he’s so placating. These are details that guys just don’t care about, aren’t they?

Wow! What a weekend!

We’re back from NYC – – no SMALL thanks to the weather on the flight back home that had us rockin’ and rollin’ in our seats the entire way. We got so much done for the wedding – I’m feeling like this is ACTUALLY going to happen at the time, place and way we planned it. Damn, that is amazing, really! I thought the weekend was going to be a bust when we first found out that the caterer couldn’t meet with us at all that weekend because she got called away for a funeral that she had to attend. […]

The Stress Continues

Repeat after me: Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Now click your heels three times and you may find yourself in a state of denial and dellusion just like me! And to think, just yesterday, I assured Becca that I wasn’t nearing the bridezilla syndrome yet. I think I lied. I hope not – but I think I may have. Sorry, Becca! First thing – we were supposed to go to NYC this weekend to get some major planning completed. I was psyched and started feeling like it may all come […]

Why the hiatus?

I‘ve gotten a lot of feedback on my self-imposed hiatus from taking on new projects at E.Webscapes. Lots of questions as to why, why, oh why??? We just got done doing some major wedding planning this past weekend… here’s just a the tip of the iceberg about the reasons behind the hiatus: April 6 – 9 – Trip to NYC Going for the second, but not final, dress fitting Meeting with the caterer – finalizing menus. Meeting with the baker – finalizing the cake plan Meeting with the florist and hair dresser – finalizing flowers and hairstyle and appointments for […]

From Newark to Aruba to Bonaire and Back

FINALLY! We booked the honeymoon tickets! W00T! We’re flying from Newark to Aruba – – – hello?? FIVE hour flight – where did I put my valium??? Then we fly one of those little puddle jumper deals from Aruba to Bonaire. I’ll get pictures of me sitting the cargo section with the chickens. Seriously, that is what I am imagining. To make sure this is doubly special – the very sweet man of mine booked first class tickets from Newark to Aruba – – but I have a feeling the flight from Aruba to Bonaire won’t be so comfy-cozy. As […]

Wedding Things

Invitations are printed and in envelopes! That may not sound like huge deal – – but trust, it’s a HUGE deal! All I have to do now is find the time to just sit down with them at my kitchen table.. no distrations..and address them, stamp them and send them out. They will be out by this time next week! It will feel SO good to cross that task off my list of things to do! January 28th we’re making another trip out to New York. I have my second dress fitting then, and we have an appointment with the […]

What's your favorite part of your daily routine?

It’s Wednesday. Chris left for his trip to Atlanta on Sunday evening. That was three days ago. So far, I’ve popped into his office at LEAST once every day to tell him about the latest and greatest happening of my day (life, according to me). How stupid do I feel when it finally dawns on me . . . HE’S NOT HOME DIPSHIT. He and I both home office. He actually travels quite a bit – – once a month usually. A week at the least. 2-3 weeks at the most. But sometimes, he’ll have a run of being home […]

A Little Zen

I seem to create my blog themes to match the big event going on in my life at any given moment. I had a skiing theme. When I was planning our cruise – I had a cruise theme. What’s with the Zen, you ask? This theme is in keeping with our wedding theme. After visiting NYC, we came up with some great ideas for the wedding. Jane’s garden (Chris’s mother) is beautiful . . . and it has a very zen theme to it, as she is a buddhist. Well, at least this month she is. There is a creek […]


So, I sat down after the Packer game … set aside the laundry I’ve been doing all afternoon.. and decided to start taking a serious look at plans for the wedding. I started looking up resources local to where we’ll be having the ceremony – in Putnam county, New York. I had a notepad and paper, ready to take a few notes on things that were important to me for the day… a photographer, an officiant (it wont’ be a religious ceremony at all.. so we need a justice of the peace to come to the location of our ceremony).. […]

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