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Invitations are printed and in envelopes! That may not sound like huge deal – – but trust, it’s a HUGE deal! All I have to do now is find the time to just sit down with them at my kitchen table.. no distrations..and address them, stamp them and send them out. They will be out by this time next week! It will feel SO good to cross that task off my list of things to do!

January 28th we’re making another trip out to New York. I have my second dress fitting then, and we have an appointment with the caterer – hopefully, after that meeting, we’ll have the caterer all sewn up and done, too. This particular caterer is doing the bar, meal AND cake – – so that kills three birds with one stone!

Schedule the Judge. Check.
Hire the photographer. Check.
Print invitations. Check
Book block of rooms in New York for guests. Check.
Reserve bus to transport guests from hotels to the country house and back. Need to do this yet.
Flowers. Have to do this yet.
Deocrations for the garden. Half done – almost there.
Bridesmaids dresses. Panic! Not done.
Wedding rings. Don’t EVEN ask!

I’m sure there’s more on this list to do – – my mind is just too filled with stuff at the moment to knock it all out. The invites were a big part of getting things moving and accomplished. I swear I won’t be a total wreck by the date of the wedding.

No. Really!

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7 thoughts on “Wedding Things”

  1. Look at all the tasks you’ve accomplished!! It’s moving along well…what is the date again???
    I can’t wait to see the pictures already…

  2. Wow, you’ve got so much accomplished already! I’m recently engaged and just starting to plan, but we started with the honeymoon planning first because that seemed like the most fun/least stressful task. Oh, and my wedding ring is picked out already because it’s going to be an antique from my grandmother. Looks like we’re working in opposite directions! We’ve posted some of our planning experiences on our blog if you want to check out what we’ve done.

  3. Hey! I know haow you feel. I just got all my dresses and things DONE! OVER WITH! NO MORE TO DEAL WITH! I was SO happy when the last of my girls got thier dresses. I also got all my invitatons have been sent and we are getting closer to getting all the big stuff out of the way. So I really can’t wait!!!!:d

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