The Stress Continues


Repeat after me: Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Now click your heels three times and you may find yourself in a state of denial and dellusion just like me! And to think, just yesterday, I assured Becca that I wasn’t nearing the bridezilla syndrome yet. I think I lied. I hope not – but I think I may have. Sorry, Becca!

First thing – we were supposed to go to NYC this weekend to get some major planning completed. I was psyched and started feeling like it may all come together after all! Then.. I got this msg in Yahoo IM today:

Chris: think we can get that chef person to push our meeting back to the 20/21 (thu/fri) ?
Chris: you’re gonna kill me, but… I forgot to book our flight
Chris: I just checked for flights out to NYC on Thurs returning on Sun and it will cost over $1,100.00 each to fly out Thurs. afternoon and return on Sunday.

I never really realized my homicidal potential before now

Understand.. I had appointments all set. The caterer. The florist. The baker. The photographer. My dress fitting. PLUS! I reminded that man I’m about to marry EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for the past month, or better! “Hon,” says I, “Did you book our tix – or should I do it?”

He assures me, “Don’t worry – it will be taken care of.”

Famous last words.

If it weren’t for the fact that I have done this type of thing often in my lifetime – I’d get really annoyed at this point. And I am really annoyed – – but, like I said, I can totally see myself doing something like that, myself, so while I am annoyed – sadly, I can relate.

So I did what I normally do when really annoyed. I re-design my blog. Coding and creating graphics keep my mind from straying towards soon-to-be-spousal-homicide – – plus, it’s never a good thing for me to design client blogs when I’m this ticked. So here it is – in all it’s purple glory.

Uh, it is purple, isn’t it? Well, it’s supposed to be.

I’ve trimmed it down considerably. If you find any weird stuff, let me know – I just went live with it an hour or so ago – so there may be bugs… or spiders – – so watch out!

15 thoughts on “The Stress Continues”

  1. aww. There there. You have every right to design your blog, you know, you know what you want, it goes much faster when you can say to yourself “do you like this” and have an immediate reply in your head. Unless of course you e-mail yourself, and reply to yourself via e-mail, and ponder inbetween times.

    Chris is right, you’ll be even skinnier – better wait. It was meant to happen this way!

    Can you do this to MY blog too? After the honeymoon, of course. Put me on the waiting list. Me lurrrves purple.

  2. You said it, Lindsey – – – MEN! lol

    Thanks! The design is taking some getting used to because I’ve shaved off a LOT of stuff I had in the sidebars, and such – – and the minimalistic approach is a bit different than what I normally do – -but I think I like it 🙂

  3. Not unless I wanted to buy a pair of biker boots… which isn’t out of the realm of my wardrobe possibilities.. just not for the wedding :p

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