Him n’ Her

It moves us

We got our tree last night. It wasn’t too difficult, really – – some years I go through dozens of trees until I find the one that moves me. And usually it’s way below zero and freezing cold outside when I do this. Last night was warm, relatively speaking (warm for Wisconin mid-December) – and C. and I went through about 6 trees. On the fourth tree, I said “Nah, it doesn’t move me” – he laughed and when he found the sixth tree – – he stood it up and said “Baby – this moves me”….and I said “Gorgeous […]


The xmas spirit abounds tonight. We’re finally going for the xmas tree tonight. We’ll put it up and then decorate it tomorrow night after all the branches have fallen. Just for the occasion – I found a cute lil site where you can build your own snowman at Frost-O-Matic. Here’s the one I built, kinda corny – but still kinda fun. lol Mom and Dad came over today while I was at work to deliver some things from Grandma’s house. C. was home and helped Dad move things from the truck into the house. Some furniture items and things – […]

On call hell made easier

I was on-call today for work. It wasn’t a bad day as far as weekend on-call goes. Started bright and early at 8am and didn’t get home until 6:30PM. Not as bad as my last weekend on call which went from 8am until 10:30pm. Had a pretty hard death to deal with today – – it was the husband of a friend of mine. He was admitted into Hospice about a month and a half ago – and it was pretty rough for him and for his wife – – kind of draining for me, too. I have to say […]

Empty spot in the house

Some days there is just nothing to write about, I think. Hard to keep up a daily blog of stuff when the stuff just doesn’t seem to want to flow into my head and out of my fingers, huh? There still remains too much stuff to do and not enough time to do it – in regards to C.’s visit a week from tomorrow. I’m thrilled about it, though. This past summer – he spoiled me completely by coming to visit every weekend for about 9 weeks in a row. Plus I was able to spend a week and a […]

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