We’re down to 6 weeks to go until the wedding. Everything seems to be clipping along nicely – except for when we went to NY to do some planning and meeting with some of the folks helping (read: we’re paying) to make our wedding happen, our caterer got called to a funeral at the last minute and couldn’t meet with us.

Really. Food? No big deal, right? WRONG! We have a small group – about 50 people, but they are all flying in from all different places on the globe. Atlanta, California, Texas, England, Wisconsin, Illinois, etc. We really wanted to make sure we fed them EXTREMELY good and provided really good drink (read: get them drunk). The open bar / dinner / hors d’oeuvres / dessert thing was really an important part of this little shin-dig!

I was envisioning 50 McDonald’s Happy Meals and water for every one of our guests!

When we returned from NY – we made arrangements to have a conference call with her to make sure we had all the details arranged and settled. Oy – it’s just been a comedy of errors trying to get in touch with her, and her trying to get in touch with us.

Today we FINALLY got in touch with her about catering our event and I feel SO much better knowing that the menu, drinks, table/chairs rental, glasses and dinnerware and linen rentals are all finally being taken care of! Whew!

I *think* the only details I have left to take care of are the flowers – which really won’t take too much to do, I just have to call the florist and make sure she has the colors and types of flowers I’ll need. Since the wedding is being held in a garden that is filled with roses, peony, jasmine and various and sundry other flowers – we’re not ordering any floral arrangements because nature has taken care of that.

Leanne got her dress yesterday. She tried it on and sent pictures and it’s beautiful, and she looks great in it! Her diet and exercise regimine has really paid off – – she’s going to look fabulous that day! (of course she always does, but ya know)

My mom is making my daughter’s dress – I’m taking Mom shopping tomorrow for the fabric and other accessories that she needs for the dress. I bought her shoes the other day – so that part is settled and done.

I”m slowly getting to the point where major details are being crossed off my list and I’m feeling a great big sigh of relief coming up very shortly. THIS is why people go to Vegas and elope!

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2 thoughts on “Finally!”

  1. sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress. i know how it is when you feel like things just aren’t happening and then they start to. it just clicks, right? so i’m glad for you. but yeah, that eloping thing — or in my case, two weeks notice thing was one of the best things i ever did.

  2. Well I am interested to see how this turns out for you. I thought I finally found the wedding package and place that I wanted to have it and I cannot get anyone to return my calls. It has been a week and all I am trying to get is some information about holding a reception. I am not sure that is normal, or am I just an impatient bride to be!!
    Good Luck and Congrats!!

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