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I seem to create my blog themes to match the big event going on in my life at any given moment. I had a skiing theme. When I was planning our cruise – I had a cruise theme. What’s with the Zen, you ask?

chinese lanternThis theme is in keeping with our wedding theme. After visiting NYC, we came up with some great ideas for the wedding. Jane’s garden (Chris’s mother) is beautiful . . . and it has a very zen theme to it, as she is a buddhist. Well, at least this month she is. There is a creek that runs through the garden that has two waterfalls . . the creek runs down and splits off, creating the two waterfalls. In between the waterfalls is a small island . . which is where we will have the actual ceremony.

There are little bridges that cross over the stream, and multiple garden paths with tons of trees all around.

The ceremony, itself, will be at 4pm with the dinner/reception/drinks immediately following in her garden. We hired a caterer for the even who will be catering the meal and the bar.

shoji The decorations will be kept simple (more money to spend on the honeymoon!) – – but we’re doing a white theme. White luminaries will line the multiple garden pathways, and white rice paper chinese lanterns will be hanging from the trees. I found these beautiful shoji lanterns that we’ll be using for the table centerpieces. Maybe we’ll string some white lights on some of the trees. The whole garden will be lit only by the candles from the luminaries, and the lights from the paper chinese lanterns. I am imagining it will be beautiful . . . at least in my minds eye it is.

My dress!! Ooo . . it’s just beautiful! I don’t have a picture of it at all, because it’s being custom made . . . but I am so excited about. I went with a silk fabric in a gorgeous silver/dusky purpleish color. A Zen Wedding with a bride in purple. Leave it to me to be WEIRD about it!It’s hard to describe, but I fell in love with the color when I saw it! Jane is a couture dress designer in Manhattan and deals mainly in wedding and evening gowns. She brought me to her shop and had all these gorgeous gowns up on the dress forms . . lined up in her shop for me to take a look at. I went through them all . . tried a few on . . and mixed and matched the different options for the color, fabric, overlays, beading, bodice types, etc, etc – it was great fun, and I am really excited about this dress!

I’m going back to NYC in February to do the final fitting on it (diet, anyone?) – – and we’ll also have an appointment with the caterer to finalize the menu and bar, as well as the cake (mmmm. samples!)

I even made a decision on the invitations. Of course, I’m designing them myself – but I browsed through hundreds of samples for some nice ideas. Doing them myself is saving me about $200- 300 . . crazy, ain’t it?

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11 thoughts on “A Little Zen”

  1. I, for one, can’t wait to see your dress. And help set up the garden, and rake, and prune, and whatever other maid-of-honory thingies I get to help with. :d

    It’s gonna be so pretty! And I love the new skin. It is very zen.

    I really think you two should Rub the Buddah Belly. HAHAH! /:)

  2. Maid-of-Honory duties?

    I’m thinking raunchy strip bar where I can get a lap dance from the nearest Orlando Bloom look-a-like.

    Oh hell… it’s my damn wedding . . just see if Orlando is busy that week, would ya? =p~

  3. Thank you, Heather! I’m all giddy about the wedding plans. Finally having spent some real time on the planning part over the last week makes me feel less chaotic and hectic over the thing. I’m slooowwwly beginning to think that it is actually going to happen.. we’re actually going to pull it together! #:-s

  4. Thanks, Chelle :*

    I feel much better about it after this trip. Funnny what a little planning can do to a person’s mood 🙂

    That, and I’ve ditched the self-persecution regarding the fam damily stuff and decided to make this day about Chris & I, and leave it at that. =d>

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