Why the hiatus?


I‘ve gotten a lot of feedback on my self-imposed hiatus from taking on new projects at E.Webscapes. Lots of questions as to why, why, oh why??? We just got done doing some major wedding planning this past weekend… here’s just a the tip of the iceberg about the reasons behind the hiatus:

April 6 – 9 – Trip to NYC

  • Going for the second, but not final, dress fitting
  • Meeting with the caterer – finalizing menus.
  • Meeting with the baker – finalizing the cake plan
  • Meeting with the florist and hair dresser – finalizing flowers and hairstyle and appointments for Leanne and Melissa for Saturday morning
  • Meeting with the folks at the spa to reserve the spa package for Saturday morning – – I’m treating Leanne and Melissa to a comfy massage, facials, pedicures and manicures before we all get our hair and makeup done
  • Seeking out the best baklava in NYC

Week of April 10th – Chris is in Houston on a business trip.

Another trip to NYC in late May for my final dress fitting. This one is unplanned at this point.

April 14 – 16th – Trip to Atlanta

Chris is going to Atlanta sometime in May for his bachelor party.

June 15th – June 25th – Trip to NYC

  • We’re leaving Wisconsin on 6/15 to drive to NYC a week before the wedding to prepare Jane’s garden to accomodate the wedding and all our guests
  • My folks and the kids will be out there during that time, so will Leanne and Anatar, Chris’s sister
  • We’ve promised my mother and father a guided tour of NYC at some point during that week
  • Chris and I have to get our marriage license – – apparently in NY, both the bride and groom have to sign the application in person, in front of the clerk – – and since there is a 24 hour waiting period – it’s Leanne’s job to remind me NOT to wait until Friday! 😉
  • That Thursday – I *think* we’re planning a nice dinner and taking in a Broadway show with my mother, Melissa, Anatar, myself and Leanne – – prior to Leanne, Anatar and I hitting some local NY clubs for a drink or ten
  • Plus whatever other planning that needs to happen that week prior to the 6/26 wedding

June 25 – July 10th – Honeymoon in Bonaire. We’re flying back into Newark on 7/10 and then driving back to Wisconsin with an anticipated return on 7/12.

This weekend, I arranged:

  • To have wine shipped to Jane’s for the date of the wedding from Bully Hill Vinyards. There’s a whole story why only Bully Hill will do. For the reception – we’re having a selection of cheeses and fruit along with a selection of wine. My folks have visited Bully Hill in upstate NY several times over the years, and always brought us back a few bottles of wine – – I have a wine rack full of it here at home. I thought it would be special for me and my folks to have Bully Hill Wine be the wine of choice for the big day!
  • Arranged the transportation for the guests. Because Jane’s home is in a very very remote part of Putnam County – – and the roads leading to her home are narrow and winding – with absolutley ZERO parking around her home, aside from the two car carport – – we faced quite a transportation issue. Our guests are staying at a hotel in Fishkill, NY – which is about a 30 min. drive from the house. We rented a mini-bus that is scheduled to transport the guests from the hotel to the house for the ceremony.. and scheduled two return trips, one at 11pm for the early-to-bedders and then one trip scheduled at 1am for the late party heads in the group. This way – no one has to worry about parking, and for those who don’t want to rent a car don’t have to – – and, most importantly we don’t have to worry about the safety and well being of our guests who partake in the wine, champagne and open bar!
  • Rumor has it that Manhattan Bride will be onsite to do a wedding shoot of our ceremony and reception. See, Chris’s mom is a couture wedding gown designer in Manhattan who has appeared in many fashion shows and fashion publications over the years . . . Manhattan Bride has expressed quite an interest in doing a photo shoot of the ceremony just because it’s her son getting hitched. No pressure.
  • Rumor also has it that Town & Country may also be on hand to do a photo shoot of the ceremony
  • Made appointments with the caterer and baker for our 4/6 trip to NY
  • Booked our travel arrangements for our honeymoon — we still have to book our lodging, but are leaning towards a beachside condo at The Sand Dollar in Bonaire

That, along with all the other little.. and not so little.. details that need doing between now and then? The hiatus was absolutely necessary! I’m thinking of moving Leanne up here for the next few months just to help me keep my sanity!! I haven’t even mentioned her dress or Melissa’s – – that’s a WHOLE other thing!

Just a little busy, eh?

6 thoughts on “Why the hiatus?”

  1. Good lord girl, I just got tired reading all that ;)Sounds like it’s going to be a helluva party though so totally understandable that you need the time off!

  2. Phew, sounds like you’ve been busy! That’s so exciting that Manhattan Bride and Town & Country might be there! You’ll have to let us know if they are!!! I’m sure we’ll see pictures, yes ;)?!

  3. Oh MAN! Busy doesn’t even cut it!! I completely and TOTALLY understand why people elope at an Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas!!! 8-}

    Pictures will definitley be posted, for sure . . . and if Manhattan Bride and Town & Country do their thing… I’ll provide that info and post those, as well… maybe even link to their publication! Like I said – – no pressure, really! :-j

  4. You mean if I had accepted your assignment of being your wedding planner I would have gotten a massage, facial, pedicure and manicure. Man. I missed out. 😥

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