What's your favorite part of your daily routine?


It’s Wednesday. Chris left for his trip to Atlanta on Sunday evening. That was three days ago. So far, I’ve popped into his office at LEAST once every day to tell him about the latest and greatest happening of my day (life, according to me). How stupid do I feel when it finally dawns on me . . . HE’S NOT HOME DIPSHIT.

He and I both home office. He actually travels quite a bit – – once a month usually. A week at the least. 2-3 weeks at the most. But sometimes, he’ll have a run of being home for months and months without any travel at all. I am such a creature of habit – – I get used to having him around here during my day.

My favorite part of my daily routine? My coffee breaks with him. Yes, we both home office – – but our offices are separate. He has his space. I have mine. We wake up in the morning, share a cup of coffee (of course, that is if my insomnia hasn’t gotten the best of me and I actually WAKE up in the morning rather than going to SLEEP in the morning)… share a cuppa joe and then disappear into our respective offices for the day.

He usually has a phone growing out of his ear. I usually have a mouse growing out of my right hand.

But then… there’s that … ‘ding!’

That Yahoo IM chat ding. I look… and.. :

Him: Hey babe… coffee?
Me : You betcha . . meet you in the kitchen in 5!

Yep. That’s it. My favorite part of my daily routine.

This week? I’m having my coffee alllllll alone. Feeling sorry for me yet?

What is your favorite part of your daily routine?

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10 thoughts on “What's your favorite part of your daily routine?”

  1. Of course I feel sorry for you!

    My favorite part of the day is closing the door after both girls have left for school, and knowing that the next couple of hours are all mine. MINE. Mineminemineminemine. Aaaah.

  2. Aw, that’s so cute. 🙂

    In the evenings, my wife and I sit back to back at our respective desks. Email takes 10 minutes to arrive at the other’s desk, so we email cute interuptions to each other.

  3. I hear ya, Leanne – – of course, mine leave at 6:30am every morning… and I don’t always hear them leave . . . but when I wake up, it’s the same feeling… until 2:47pm (on the dot) the house is MINE. MINE. MINE! :@)

  4. My favorite part? Just that morning kiss goodbye…and I’m usually half asleep at the time, too.

    My hubby never travels…but he went off to spend a week in California with his Marine buddies. It’s messing me all up, lol. I forgot to set the alarm this morning, and the kids missed the bus!

  5. Hmmmmmmmm. Favorite part might be my cup of mint tea after I get home each day that the Mite “helps” me make. He seems to enjoy it as well since when I get home and start walking through the kitchen he gets a big smile and starts saying “t t t t…”. 🙂

  6. Astro – how old is the little mite these days? Please don’t tell me he’ll be driving next year – – I know I’m not getting THAT old!

    My son has recently gotten into tea. He’s real picky about it too – – it has to be loose tea, not bagged and he’s got this whole procedure for draining his tealeaes – – I bought him one of those tea balls, but he has his own damn way. Oh, and it has to be green tea, too. Organic green tea.

  7. The mite had his eighteen month birthday when we were in Maui at the start of this month!

    I can kinda understand that. Bagged tea is kinda like the excess shavings, and yes, loose is much better than in a tea ball because it lets the tea expand as far as possible in the water. Tea balls are good to have, however, because they’re great for doing things like flavoring creme brulee. You put the spice in the tea ball so the flavor goes out and then pull the tea ball out so you have the flavor and not the remenants of the spice. I actually have an earl gray flavored creme bruleee recipe that I have to try that does that…

    I’m almost as picky, and just about started having Jeanette-like fits when I couldn’t find my brand of fair trade organic mint green tea. I was just about to start ordering it online when I found a store in the area that had it…

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