From Newark to Aruba to Bonaire and Back



We booked the honeymoon tickets! W00T!

We’re flying from Newark to Aruba – – – hello?? FIVE hour flight – where did I put my valium???
Then we fly one of those little puddle jumper deals from Aruba to Bonaire. I’ll get pictures of me sitting the cargo section with the chickens.

Seriously, that is what I am imagining.

To make sure this is doubly special – the very sweet man of mine booked first class tickets from Newark to Aruba – – but I have a feeling the flight from Aruba to Bonaire won’t be so comfy-cozy.

As MUCH as I am looking forward to this – – you know my anxiety level on this trip is HIGH. I still haven’t gotten the whole ‘fear of flying’ thing outta my system yet, after all these years. I probably never will. The Martini/Valium combination still gets me through every time.

Oh, and I had to promise my Mom that I wouldn’t hang out in any nightclubs all by myself in Aruba – because everyone dies when they go there, ya know? pfft.

I’m so excited I could spit!

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  2. where or with whom did you contact for the puddle jumper-trying to book a dive trip next month and need help

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