So, I sat down after the Packer game … set aside the laundry I’ve been doing all afternoon.. and decided to start taking a serious look at plans for the wedding. I started looking up resources local to where we’ll be having the ceremony – in Putnam county, New York.

I had a notepad and paper, ready to take a few notes on things that were important to me for the day… a photographer, an officiant (it wont’ be a religious ceremony at all.. so we need a justice of the peace to come to the location of our ceremony).. ceremony details.. reception location and details, etc, etc. I started looking at wedding resources and go so overwhelmed I made myself a drink and shut down the sites – – vowing to look another day.

Is this ever going to happen? Oy!

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11 thoughts on “Hyperventilating”

  1. Just work on one thing at a time.

    Get the date nailed down, then get the location. Once those two things are done, get the justice of the peace. Don’t expect it to happen in one day.

    Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help. Sharing the load helps.

    I understand how you’re feeling. (big hug)

  2. Ugh..that Packer game. Did the Saints get reduced to the equivalent of a high school team at some point in time this last week? Good night, nurse.

    Wedding=Fun. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

    But keep the paper bag and the drink close at hand just to be safe. 😉

  3. Pretty much what Jeanette said. Just as long as Chris gets a good bachelor party I’m sure everything will work out. :mrgreen:

  4. Jeanette – – I know you just went through this, so your words do bring some comfort 🙂

    It will all fall into place, I am sure, and once I sat down last night (after this post) and Chris and I talked about things… it didn’t all seem so overwhelming at all.

    When I looked at all those wedding planner sites… they just INUNDATE you with GOBS of stuff…

    I’m like…

    Butterflies? Do I need butterflies released at the end? Do I?

    Place cards.. seriously? Really?

    Luminaries lining the walk way.. I need those too? Good grief!

    Invitations, flowers, cakes, dinner, music, seating, reception, transporation, booking rooms, guests, wine (whine!)… oh fer crying out loud!

    Sensory overload!

    Then Chris came in and put me back into the reality of our budget.. and I felt better. lol

  5. Screw the butterflies and all that crap. Thanks to my father, we went with a hunting theme for the wedding. Most of the wedding pictures with me have a duck and goose call hanging around my neck, but mrs. Knight wouldn’t let me wear them during the ceremony. After we walked down the aisle and the ushers came up to release people, before they released people they serenaded us wtih the wedding march on duck calls. It’s the simple things that work. 😀

    Or you could go with the theme wedding. As I told Jeanette on her blog, for a while we talked about doing a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme. She was less enthusiastic about that one. Maybe it was because she wsa to dress like the wicked witch so that all the bridesmaids had to wear flying monkey costumes…

  6. Oh, and when you start planning pictures, one of the best received ones to this day is the one we have of me and the rest of the guys standing in front of the church in full dress except with no pants on.

  7. Do what you want memories of. That was the rule I used.

    When I’m 80 years old, decrepit and wrinkly and need a toilet seat lift to get my saggy butt after pooping for a week (because I’m old), what do I want to remember about my wedding?

    I’m glad Chris put it back in perspective. My Tony is good for me that way, too. (hug)

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