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WordPress For Dummies "In Stock" on Amazon

Just noticed, over the weekend, that my book, WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition is now listed as “In Stock” on Amazon. That’s two weeks earlier than I had originally been told – – bonus!  Not sure what this means for your local bookstores and libraries; however, if the 1st edition of this book was any indication – it took about a week, or two, for the book to start showing up in physical stores. I don’t even have MY copies of the book yet!  Well, except for the draft version that’s sitting in Microsoft Word format on my computer, that […]

WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition – release date

As announced on my Amazon Blog – I have a release date for the 2nd Edition of WordPress For Dummies from my editor, finally! February 17, 2009 is the date that it will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in a local bookstore near you. Last time, when the 1st Edition was released – I did a give away of autographed copies of the book. I’m thinking of doing the same this time around. I did a simple contest where the people interested in the give away did a post on their blog about why they love WordPress […]

WordPress Elved

Not sure if WordPress and the Dummies folks over at Wiley appreciate the bastardization of their logos in such a manner – – but I need to celebrate the completion of WordPress For Dummies 2nd Ed. somehow! 😀 Send your own ElfYourself eCards The *writing* of it is done – it does still need to go through a bit of copyediting, proofreading and printing. The actual release date is still tenative – – but I will be sure to update here as soon as I have a date you can count on 🙂 Now that is off my plate – […]

Update for WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition

I’m getting LOTS and lots of e-mail about WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition. I’m really excited to see so much anticipation about it – – mostly because I’m super excited about the book. But when is it coming out?? Originally, I had announced it was being released in Fall ’08. Amazon says November 2008 and so does Barnes and Noble. So, when is it really? The publish date for the book has been pushed back to December 2008. We’re not intentionally dragging our feet with it. The book is actually written, and I submitted 100% of the content in mid-October. […]

What to Expect When You're Expecting WordPress Upgrades?

I get this question a lot: How do you always know what’s coming with the next WordPress release??. I can tell you that I’m not a member of some secret society. I don’t have an exclusive inside track into WordPress Development. I don’t talk to the core WordPress developers on a regular basis (quite actually, our paths cross every so often..ever so briefly…every once in a great while). It’s not super secret information that only a few are privvy to. Basically to answer the question: I make it my business to know. Up and coming changes to the WordPress core […]

This week I. . .

It’s been a WEEK! I’m happy that it’s over and the weekend is finally here . . . seems like it took forever. This week I… …Finally have an answer after a somewhat worrisome week..and without too much detail, I’ll just say this: The pathology test, mammogram and ultrasound came back completely NORMAL. They didn’t show up with anything that is not supposed to be there. So, I guess you guys are stuck with me for awhile! …Flooded the kitchen and, subsequently, the garage that sits underneath it. What? Anyone could make the same mistake I did: I turned on […]

Buried in WordPress

It’s been a pretty busy weekend, so far. I have my third deadline on Monday for WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition. The book is humming right along – – my last deadline is July 28th, so I should be done in relatively short order. As always, the challenge with writing this book is keeping up with the fast-paced development that surrounds the WordPress project. I have to say, it’s easier this time around than it was last time – mostly because I think I’m just used to it now! Sometimes, it feels like I’m running a marathon just to keep […]

Forgot to mention: Web414 June Meet Up

Tonight is my presentation at the Web414 June Meet Up – I blogged about it earlier this month. They had announced (and I had announced here on my own blog) that the Meet Up would be held at Bucketworks in Milwaukee. Since then, Southeastern Wisconsin has experienced some major storms and flooding and Bucketworks had their share of the flooding, so bad, that they had to shut down for business in order to repair. The Meet Up has been moved to: MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) Rosenberg Hall 1235 N. Milwaukee St, room 201 It starts at 7pm and I […]

WordPress For Dummies – Bonus Chapter

Download the bonus chapter: What’s New In WordPress 2.5 As previously promised, Wiley Publishing and I release to you a bonus chapter for readers of WordPress For Dummies, First Edition. It is now available for immediate download on this site, as well as the WordPress For Dummies page on the Dummies.com site (it should be up there in a day, or two). This free bonus chapter covers a lot of what is new in WordPress 2.5 and gives you some insight into the Second Edition of WordPress For Dummies. This chapter covers information like: Avatars (and how to add them […]

All Work n' No Play . . You know the story

The only problem with working on so many great blogs for our clients is that my own gets sorely neglected. I’ve had a new design for this site in the works for several months – but I can’t find a spare minute. Also, relatively decent ideas for posts here come and go throughout my day. They are there….then *poof* they are gone again. Aside from gobs of design work, I did finally begin the writing of the second edition of WordPress For Dummies, due to be released in a few short months. I did finish the writing of the free […]

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