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I’m getting LOTS and lots of e-mail about WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition. I’m really excited to see so much anticipation about it – – mostly because I’m super excited about the book. But when is it coming out?? Originally, I had announced it was being released in Fall ’08. Amazon says November 2008 and so does Barnes and Noble. So, when is it really?

The publish date for the book has been pushed back to December 2008. We’re not intentionally dragging our feet with it. The book is actually written, and I submitted 100% of the content in mid-October. And then? I had a peek at WordPress 2.7 and had a mini-heart attack! haha 🙂

Seriously, when I looked at WordPress 2.7 and started installing the pre-pre-beta updates via SVN, I realized that the Second Edition simply could not be published in it’s current state. I wrote to my editor and told her that it didn’t make sense to publish a 2.6 book in a 2.7 world. She agreed and we decided to push the publish date off until December. I’m really excited about the new development that WordPress is putting out with the 2.7 release – I think you will be too!

At the time of this post, the book is roughly 80% *there*. I’m just waiting for the 2.7 dashboard design to hit its final iteration so I can include all necessary screencaps and such. Can I take a moment and gush about how fantasticaly helpful the Automattic team has been – particularly Jane Wells, whose updates I find in my e-mail to be invaluable. Jane, I cannot say thank you enough for keeping me in the loop. (haha – – the LOOP – – get it?) Mark Jaquith, as well – has been a gem, as always. He lets me bug him with little things and he’s always prompt with a helpful response. Thank you, Mark!

Throughout this entire project, since the beginning of the First Edition to wrapping up the Second Edition, my team at Wiley Publishing has been fully committed to making absolute sure that WordPress For Dummies is as up to date as humanly possible. Deciding to push the publish date back on the book probably wasn’t an easy decision to make from a publishing standpoint – – but I had no doubt they would, and they did! Let me tell you – keeping up with WordPress development in print is NO small task!

Also, thanks for everyone who has emailed and have left messages on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon blog and Linked in accounts.

For those interested – I will be appearing on Jeff’s WordPress Weekly internet radio program on November 28th and will be discussing the book and the great new changes coming with 2.7.

Hang tight – we’re almost there!

16 thoughts on “Update for WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition”

  1. Still on pre order for January 09.

    If possible, ask Amazon to note that this is the second edition in its title and description. There is no reference to it being the second edition except for your updates/author notes at the bottom of the page.

    1. Thanks, Bill – – I have put in a request for an update to be done to the copy at Amazon.com. They, unfortunately, do not move as quickly as I’d like them to 🙂

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