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It’s been a pretty busy weekend, so far. I have my third deadline on Monday for WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition. The book is humming right along – – my last deadline is July 28th, so I should be done in relatively short order.

As always, the challenge with writing this book is keeping up with the fast-paced development that surrounds the WordPress project. I have to say, it’s easier this time around than it was last time – mostly because I think I’m just used to it now! Sometimes, it feels like I’m running a marathon just to keep up with it all!

In the end, the second edition of WordPress For Dummies should cover, at least, up to version 2.6 – – if not 2.7. I’m hearing whispers that 2.6 will be ready for release mid-July with the possibility of 2.7 being released in September ’08.

When we published the first edition of the book, we were able to squeak out an edition that was compatible with the latest release (at the time) of 2.3…but it was a close one! I had to bargain with my editors to stretch production out just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit longer so that the book was 100% relevant when it hit the shelves! Thankfully, Wiley Publishing is all hip and understanding like that! I have a feeling I’ll be making the same bargain this time around, anticipating 2.7.

So, really, when I say that I currently have 75% of the book complete – – that is to say, I have 75% of the book complete as WordPress stands right now….today. As with last time, there will be a great deal of combing back through the chapters and updating the items that need updating..including text and screenshots, etc to make sure it’s as up to date as possible. It is a lot of fun, though – – it really forces me to take a long hard look at what’s new… not just with the big changes, but with all the nice subtle little changes that WordPress makes along the way.

I have 4 more chapters to write before this one goes into the process of technical editing, copy editing and proofreading. True to my nature, I have left the 4 most difficult chapters for last because…well, I just like to do things the hard way, I guess.

I just finished up chapters on the use of the WordPress Media Library and how to insert image, create photo galleries and use videos and audio files on your blog for podcasting and VBlogging. Fun stuff!

I’m excited about this release because it really dives into WordPress Theme development, CSS, Theme tweaking and making custom themes from scratch. Those are the chapters that I have left to do . . it’s no big deal. Just take my brain and smear it all over the paper, right? Iew!

When I am up against a deadline like this, I deal with the only way I know how – – – by shutting off absolutely everything else around me for a few days. This means that I probably have 5,000 unanswered emails sitting in my inbox at the moment, weeds in my garden and 100 voice mails from my mother that I haven’t listened to yet. By tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have this deadline behind me – and, believe it or not, by Monday morning all those emails, voice mails and weeds will be tended to.

I STILL have about 65 new design projects that we’ve completed and launched that I need to get into the portfolio, yet – – ‘lest anyone think we’re idling over at E.Webscapes with nothing to do. All of my attention has been on client design projects and WordPress For Dummies – – the portfolio has taken a back seat and it is in desperate need of updating!

All in good time. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Buried in WordPress”

  1. Ahh, this makes that message I sent you on twitter really dumb. Well, I am happy to hear it is a book with chapters on how to make a theme from scratch, I have been trying tutorials that I find and failing miserably.

  2. Hmm…how’s it go… the only stupid Twitter is the Twitter that goes un-twittered?… ok, maybe not 😉

    Hopefully, the chapters on theme development in the book will help you on your way in creating your own themes, Simon. Thanks!

  3. Oh shoot! See, when I see posts like this it makes me wanna call and distract you! But then I see that you turned everything off! Ufffh!

  4. Hi Lisa! It’s Lori (formally Downtown Chick Chat). I haven’t been to your blog in a long time and look at you! Being an important author and all! You go girl.

  5. Hello Lisa, I’ve just bought the first edition from Amazon. I’m wondering if you plan to cover Blogging and Blog rendering using Mobile devices: WM Smartphone and iPhone (WPtouch and other). I’d like to ask another question: do you have an iPhone optimized version of your Blog ? Thanks for your patience in reading this comment. Zak.

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