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Download the bonus chapter: What’s New In WordPress 2.5

As previously promised, Wiley Publishing and I release to you a bonus chapter for readers of WordPress For Dummies, First Edition. It is now available for immediate download on this site, as well as the WordPress For Dummies page on the Dummies.com site (it should be up there in a day, or two). This free bonus chapter covers a lot of what is new in WordPress 2.5 and gives you some insight into the Second Edition of WordPress For Dummies. This chapter covers information like:

  • Avatars (and how to add them to your theme)
  • Adding Media to your posts (including gallery short codes to add photo galleries)
  • Navigating your way through the new WordPress 2.5 Administration Panel
  • Configuring Dashboard options in the new editable WordPress 2.5 Dashboard
  • And more!

As I work on writing the Second Edition of the book, it’s my sincere hope you find this bonus chapter helpful and informative.

(* Disclaimer: This bonus chapter assumes a certain existing level of comfort with the WordPress software β€” and it’s an addendum to my book, WordPress For Dummies, which covers the platform through version 2.3.3)

24 thoughts on “WordPress For Dummies – Bonus Chapter”

  1. @Jenny… nifty! Now there’s a word I need to use more of – I always forget about it until I hear someone else use it lol

    @Stevie – thanks! And thanks for trying to help w/ the MSWord doc recovery the other day. I ended up having to re-write two chapters completely. :-w

  2. You have just made my day!

    Starting to explore word press with a couple of test sites and worked through your book over the weekend – and loved it – but kept on stumbling over bits that were just a little bit different and thinking… I need a 2.5 version. And here it is!

    Thanks πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks for the notice – good yo have.

    Can I make a request for the second ed? Any chance of a more complete run down on plugins and ways to use pages as a CMS?

    Got to ask – thanks.

  4. Thanks so much for the update, just printed it out and can’t wait to dig in…I’m in the process of changing my whole world from Blogger to WordPress, and WordPress for Dummies (not to mention your husband) has been an incredible resource…but up until now, it has been weird to try to navigate the 2.5 admin screens using old instructions.

    Hoping I can get on your E.Webscapes calendar when you’re “back in business” on June 9th.


  5. @Roxi – happy to help and glad to know that you’re finding the book and chapters helpful – – not too mention my husband. He’s my secret weapon πŸ˜€

    We are tentatively planning to re-open our request form for new design projects on June 9th… providing everything goes as planned, we’ll be on target for that. πŸ™‚

  6. I’ll be picking up the book tomorrow! I also want to say that as a woman, I’m proud to have a blog designed by woman!!! Keep up the good work!

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  8. Thanks! Well I am definitely going to Borders to pick up my copy of WP for Dummies because I recently started using WP and I’d like to check up on any tricks I might not have picked up yet.

  9. I am a total beginner and want to start using WordPress. I’m axiously waiting for your new edition of WordPress for Dummies to come out. I understand the second edition covers WordPress 2.5 but now there’s a new version of WordPress about to be released. Will the second edition of Dummies be out of date before I get it??

  10. Was about to buy the book from Amazon but then decided to hold off for fear it would be out of date given the software changes. When can we expect the next book? I know you mentioned Fall 08 but is there a more specific date yet? I have experience with publishers so I know things change, but I’d like to get started and I don’t want to buy the “old” book today if the new one is being released with the next month. Thanks so much! :)>-

  11. Celia – we’ve held off on the original publish date to give me time to be sure the book is 100% updated for the latest version of WordPress 2.7 (due to be released in just a few weeks).

    We’re looking at early December.


  12. I just downloaded WordPress for Dummies to my Kindle from Amazon. Is the bonus chapter included in this version or do I still need to download it?



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