WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition – release date


As announced on my Amazon Blog – I have a release date for the 2nd Edition of WordPress For Dummies from my editor, finally!

February 17, 2009 is the date that it will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in a local bookstore near you.

Last time, when the 1st Edition was released – I did a give away of autographed copies of the book. I’m thinking of doing the same this time around. I did a simple contest where the people interested in the give away did a post on their blog about why they love WordPress and simply linked back to my give away post. From there – I chose 5 lucky participants who won a copy, autographed by yours truly.

I’m thinking of doing the same this time around – – unless anyone has a cool idea for a contest for the 2nd edition? Contests are fun – – have any creative ideas? I’m game!

17 thoughts on “WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition – release date”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the release date for the 2nd edition. I started my blog in October using WordPress and your book was extremely helpful. I have since updated my site to 2.7 and I have anxiously been waiting for the new edition of you book! I saw you tweet and came here to find out the news.

  2. Great news, Lisa. Although I’ve been blogging with WordPress since version 1.5, I found the 1st edition of ‘WP for Dummies’ so useful. Can’t wait to see the new content you have in the 2nd.

    1. Neville, great to hear from you. I surely appreciated our interview last year on the 1st Edition and am really thrilled to hear that the book was a great resource for you. Happy new year, Neville!

    1. Katy – thanks for stopping by, and thanks so much for recommending WordPress For Dummies to your clients. I’m happy to hear you’ve found it to be a helpful resource. Cheers!

  3. Have a contest for the best recorded promo announcing your book release. you can take the top ten promos and rotate them on your page and give them free books.

  4. I couldn’t find it at my local Barnes & Noble, even though they said it was in stock… weird! I’ll have to order it through Amazon! (Unless I win it from you, ofcourse!) 😉

  5. Hi Ms. Lisa! My copy just arrived yesterday here in the Philippines and I’m very excited to finish reading it by the end of May. But I’m pretty sure I will because I’ve read three chapters already. And I’m also sure it’ll be the solution to my problem of putting a photo gallery to my blog. Thanks and Godspeed!

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