This week I. . .


It’s been a WEEK! I’m happy that it’s over and the weekend is finally here . . . seems like it took forever.

This week I…

…Finally have an answer after a somewhat worrisome week..and without too much detail, I’ll just say this: The pathology test, mammogram and ultrasound came back completely NORMAL. They didn’t show up with anything that is not supposed to be there. So, I guess you guys are stuck with me for awhile!

…Flooded the kitchen and, subsequently, the garage that sits underneath it. What? Anyone could make the same mistake I did: I turned on the kitchen faucet and stuck it in that little water repository to fill the coffee maker. Then? I promptly walked away….. for 3 HOURS! It wasn’t until the breakers in the house blew… we lost our electricity and Chris went out into the garage to flip the breaker back on and realized that it was RAINING in the garage! He went upstairs to investigate and found himself in ankle deep water in the kitchen .. then came down to my office and said “Just how much coffee were you planning on making, anyways??”. About an hour later – – things were dried up and we had our electricity again. Don’t judge me… you know you’ve done similar things!

…Found myself pleasantly surprised at what a really nice guy Brian Gardner is. Seriously, this guy is nice. Most of you may know him by his insanely popular Revolution WordPress Theme – – and I, too, have admired his work from afar. I’ve had tiny little contacts with him over the past year – – but over the past week, we had a pleasant exchange via email and let me just say that he’s not just talented… he’s nice. Why make such a big deal out of this whole nice thing? Let’s just say that in my world, nice is sometimes, unfortunately, a rare commodity, I’m sad to say. It’s nice to find nice!

…Have exactly TEN more days left on writing the Second Edition of WordPress For Dummies – – then I’ll be done with it! FIVE more chapters left to write between now and then. I have to say, it is not nearly as crazy a process as the first one was, thankfully – and I’m really excited about the coming edition with all the new information it contains about designing WordPress Themes. Read my design blog post about it if it interests you.

…Finally have been finding time to update our design portfolio with the projects we’ve been busy doing over the past several months. I think, in the last two weeks, I’ve added 10 completed projects to the portfolio – – I STILL have 43 more to add in there! Yes, yes – I got behind….waaaay behind. Since I’m coming to the tail end of the book writing – I find more time on my hands to catch up on some much needed I should have that portfolio 100% updated within the month. Yes.. I said month – – come on… 43! That’s a lot! 🙂

Alright, well..that sums up my week. As for the weekend? Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday and we are leaving tomorrow morning and heading for the lake where we are taking her and her friends out on the boat to drag them around the lake (at the fastest speed allowed on Long Lake) in small tubes attached to the back of the boat. After we’ve completely tired them out… we’ll be cooking out at the campground.. doing some fishing and battling the mosquitoes. When I’m done with this post…I’m walking away from the computer until sometime Sunday afternoon.

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you out enjoying the summer weather and fresh air? Whatever you do… have a good one!

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  1. Love the flood story, I guess that is why so many people go to StarBucks 🙂

    Looking forward to the second edition of your book. I will add it to my book collection.

  2. I once turned on the laundry room sink and came back after washing the truck. Water went into all the surrounding rooms and under the stairs. Had to take everything out of the closets to dry. I know the feeling.

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