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WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition - Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Just noticed, over the weekend, that my book, WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition is now listed as “In Stock” on Amazon. That’s two weeks earlier than I had originally been told – – bonus!ย  Not sure what this means for your local bookstores and libraries; however, if the 1st edition of this book was any indication – it took about a week, or two, for the book to start showing up in physical stores.

I don’t even have MY copies of the book yet!ย  Well, except for the draft version that’s sitting in Microsoft Word format on my computer, that is ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had mentioned earlier this month that I would be doing a give away of 5 signed copies of the book.ย  I’ll make it easy on you – – leave a comment here on Valentine’s Day (2/14) I will choose 5 random folks for the give away.ย  If you’re interested – let me know!

Oh, and WordPress For Dummies also now has a Facebook page.ย  If you’re a Facebook user, drop by and join!

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  1. Congratulations, Lisa!

    I may buy a copy, but I seem to be doing pretty good in 2.7, so I’m not sure I need to. Hope the book has really great sales, though.

    Is it getting any warmer in Wisconsin? We had 63 degrees here in Arkansas yesterday after our ice storm of last week.

  2. Okay, I confess, I’m a dummy, just visit my blog and see how it is *sigh* I’m still trying to figure out the basics and I sure hope to get a copy of the book! I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day :d

  3. My copy arrived today from Amazon! Looking forward to continuing to learn the ins and outs. Thank you for the accessible but not at all “dumb” books.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Just bought your 1st Edition from an Amazon co-seller, might have known there was a new one coming.

    Anyway I’m very new to blogging, MySQL and PHP and did the 5 minute installation and found it worked pretty well although it took probably an hour. Then my hosting upgrade didn’t go live for another 4 hours so I couldn’t run the install till then. But it then worked so well that I still can’t believe it.

    Anyway I’m working through your book and am on p132, setting up categories.
    Thanks, hope your new book is a big seller, the old one is still doing the job though.

    One thing I was pondering was having the WP files in my root directory with the html files but I read in one of your troubleshooters that it was a common problem to have 2 index files. Anyway I’m running my website with the blog in a directory and the idea is to move the site into WordPress bit by bit. I’m not sure your book describes this php/html relationship so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea as yet and if later I can move the site out of this directory. Although the permalinks will then be a goner I suppose.

    Thanks again.


  5. Just ordered your “WordPress for Dummies” from Amazon. Thinking about switching my Travel on the Tide blog from Blogger to my own site. Hope your book will help!

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I finally received your book yesterday. I had to wait since November but it looks like the wait was worth it. I was looking for a new theme so I tried your X-Mark. I like its functionality but I was wondering if I could mute the colors a little. They are kind of bold for my application. Could you tell me where to look in the book to find out how to do this? I am reading it through but I don’t want to wait.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

  7. Hi Lisa

    I hadn’t realised that there was a new version on the horizon. I just took delivery of 1st edition a week ago, it is really useful and easy to follow. Just disappointed that it is already out of date. Are there any major differences I should be aware of?


  8. It’s in stock at Amazon UK now as well – a couple of weeks earlier than expected. I pre-ordered a copy, which was dispatched today. Looking forward to receiving it…

  9. Hi,
    My friend and I are starting a wordpress blog (hoping it will grow, blossom, get big enough that someday it pays for the occasional pedicure) and so I’m going to get your book. My friend also signed up for the Chicago conference…I saw your name, recognized it from the “dummy” books and decided to check out your blog. Love it. I was absolutely hooked when I read, “refusing to apologize for pink.” Not that pink is necessarily my fav color (dark green for me, well, and maybe a little pink) but love the sassy wit. Strange that it’s almost all men who have replied here. In your opinion are more men familiar/active in the blogging trend? Or might it be the signed book offer? Also saw that you are from? or living in? Wisconsin. I grew up in Green Bay, my parents still live there. Amazing amounts of white fluff this year! Hadn’t seen that much snow since I was small. Do you have little ones? Brought my two-yr-old city baby sledding up there this year and it was all kinds of fun.
    This was a really random “comment,” but it was comment area is inviting,

  10. Good Morning Lisa and Happy Valentineโ€™s Day! I am using your great reference book “WordPress for Dummies” and without it I would still be trying to figure out the proper way to load wordpress. I would love to have a signed copy of your newest WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition. Thanks for all you do. Neil

  11. I blog on WordPress.com and found your 1st edition really helpful. The information was laid out in a very logical and easy-to-use way. With my usual knack for poor timing, I bought the book about two months before the switchover to Com’s version of 2.6.

    Am really looking forward to the 2nd edition, especially since we’ve been told we are going to be using the 2.7 Dashboard for the next 5 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  12. Hey! I was reading up on your book on Amazon! I just got into the whole WordPress/Blogging scene, and I would LOVE to win a copy of your book! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Your blog is very nice, and I’m going to add it to my list of cool blogs! ๐Ÿ˜€

    See you in cyberspace!

  13. After 12 years in a cubicle browsing the web (during my lunch breaks only – I promise!), I am starting the long(?) journey into web design with HTML for Dummies. Thanks for the info you’ve provided here. I’ll be back – often!

  14. Hi Lisa

    I just purchased your new book. I rode my bike to the local bookstore, The Booksmith on Haight, and had them order it. I think Amazon is great, but local bookstores are so much better and are dying off fast. There were once three bookstores between our home and The Booksmith. Now The Booksmith is local by default, not proximity.

    I am sort of a newbie blogger and your book has a some chapters that I find very helpful, thank you! I do have a question I noticed you have a list of feeds (like twitter) on your opening page. You have their icons in the upper right-hand corner. I read chapter 8, but I don’t see how to make these links available to readers on my site. Any feedback would be wonderful. Thank you,


  15. Hi Lisa! Congrats on the book being available. I’m really looking forward to it, am writing 10 WordPress tips, and still need 9 and 10 to complete and publish. I learned it the hard way so far.
    Who’s your favorite coach? Am doing interviews this week of my favorites, would love to know yours. (Any category of coaching.)

  16. I’m going to convert my non-profit site to WordPress, hoping for a more useful and interactive experience for visitors. I’m hoping your book will help get me going.

  17. Just finished reading it. Excellent book thank you.

    I’ve set up a number of clients’ blogs in the past using WordPress – essentially modifying the default theme, to tie in with the rest of their site.

    For some time I’ve wanted to build my own theme from scratch, which is why I purchased your book.

    I wonder – is there an online reference to the multitude of functions you listed in the book?

    Thanks once again.


  18. I am just starting the first edition (after waiting on the library for six weeks) and therefore have just found your website (from the “About the Author” section). If you have not yet given away the five free copies of the second edition and would consider my entry then I would much prefer to read the second edition than the first especially since there is a new version of WP recently released. I will even be happy to send multiple e-mails to the municipal library system repeatedly asking them to purchase the book for their collection–and multiple copies, at that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Crap! It looks like I’m too late to enter for a copy of a signed book :(( Congrats getting this book published. WordPress is so big right now that I imagine you will do really well with it.

  20. Congrat’s on the book and i hope it goes well for you. I am a wordpress lover and have a couple sites using the platform , books like yours are what got me started. thanks

  21. Great news, will no doubt pick up a copy, as the first edition got me started. As a previous poster asked, will you be releasing a non-dummies wordpress book?

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  24. Lisa:

    Thank you so much for your guidance with helping me upgrade my WP site. You recommended the automatic plugin which I installed and used. I had some problems at first, but with a some troubleshooting I finally got it to work. Your advice has helped me and NOW I can work through your new book and learn more about WP.

    I don’t know of many authors who would help a reader of their book with individual advice so I really appreciate it! I know you are busy and it is nice that your passion for the topic extends to your individual readers.

    Thanks again for your help and inspiration – [ Jeff ]

  25. Hey Lisa! Just wanted to stop by and tell you how great your book is! I’ve been doing sporadic web development since 2006 mainly using HTML and CSS and recently had a business offer from a friend who uses WordPress as a CMS for his customers. Your book has been instrumental in getting my feet wet and understanding the basics behind CMS-based websites. I’ve already recommended your book as well as WordPress to a few of my friends and will continue to do so. I’m currently using the hosted version but I hope to migrate to a self-run system here in a few weeks.

    thanks for everything!

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