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Not sure if WordPress and the Dummies folks over at Wiley appreciate the bastardization of their logos in such a manner – – but I need to celebrate the completion of WordPress For Dummies 2nd Ed. somehow! 😀

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The *writing* of it is done – it does still need to go through a bit of copyediting, proofreading and printing. The actual release date is still tenative – – but I will be sure to update here as soon as I have a date you can count on 🙂

Now that is off my plate – I have several client projects that need to be brought up to date. And some serious WordCamp Chicago planning that needs doing!

Oh! And Christmas shopping, holiday cookie baking and getting that darned tree decorated!

6 thoughts on “WordPress Elved”

  1. Sweet! Congrats Lisa! It’s got to feel great! I could see the weight settling down on your shoulders even as we were talking back at SxSW! I can’t wait for WC Chicago. If I’m not mistaken, b5 will make a pretty good showing there. Worst case J and I’ll be there. It’s close enough, I’ll probably just throw a bag, tent and pack on my bike and cruise into town.

    & if you need more proofreaders, I’d be glad to lend an hand, or eye….

    1. Hey thanks, Brian .. it’s a great feeling to be done – – at least until next time 🙂 That’s really great you’re planning on being at WC-Chicago. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again. Are you planning on making it to Austin in March, as well?

  2. Congratulations Lisa on finishing the book and being able to lift that heavy weight off your shoulders. Loved the Elf video of the dummies guy and the WordPress logo. Made me chuckle.

    As for WordCamp Chicago, can’t wait for you guys and gals 🙂 to nail down a date so I can start planning.

    1. Thanks much, Jeff! It is nice to have it off my plate, finally – to be sure! Considering all the changes that have happened between March and today – my tolerance for insanity has reached new levels. I’m not sure how the WordPress Devs. do it! 😉

      I’m really excited about getting the details for WordCamp Chicago all set – – I super happy to hear you’re planning on attending. Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

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