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Power Outage

This email went out to all Blogs About Hosting clients earlier: It appears as though the power outage problem at our datacenter has been resolved. We are currently testing the servers – – domain by domain – – to double check for any residual issues or problems. It does not appear, at this time, that there have been any – but we want to be doubly sure. I have included the update emails that we sent out earlier at the bottom of this notice, just in case any of you did not receive the updates during the downtime. –==UPDATE #1==– […]

One more time…

… for good measure. If your site is hosted by Blogs About – we have a Support Center. The Support Center is there to centralize all support requests, technical and otherwise. It is also there for billing issues, upgrades and the like. We put it up there so that our clients can get quick and responsive service. With almost 300 people that we service just through hosting – – it is impossible for me to handle all of the requests by myself. We’ve hired tech staff. Chris assists me a great deal with support. I am still heavily involved in […]

Update on Dad

I call a friend of mine who is an MD at the WI Medical College. I wanted him to go in and just visit Dad – take a look at him, peruse through his chart and see if anything stuck out at him as concerning. They are saying that Dad’s recovery, at this point, is “text book” – meaning everything is going as expected. Normal. Within normal limits. Dad has forbidden me from going down to the hospital to visit him anymore. He says, “I know you have put off a lot of things in order to be down here […]


Servers are back up and running, faster and smoother than before. No trucks – no steaming locomotives . . everything went off as planned…timed down to the second with only approximately 3.5 hours of server downtime – – more than we wanted, but less than we planned for. We took the servers down when the clock struck 11PM EST exactly – to the second, on our clock. For those of you who wrote in and submitted a concern that they went down 5 minutes, 3 minutes or 2 minutes before 11PM EST – then all I can say is it’s […]

New CPanel Goodies

In preparation for our server migration later today – we’ve been doing some upgrades to the boxes, running full back ups of all accounts on the servers, and installing goodies that benefits everyone like: mod_security – Scans and prevents users from using key words to hack accounts through applications such as phpBB as well as some spambots and spam mod_dosevasive – Provides security against Denial Of Service attacks such as people requesting too many pages at once. Anti-virus Email Scanning – This is supplied free of charge to help catch viruses before they reach your pc. This is in addition […]

A Little Business Thing

This is just a note to any of our hosted clients who happen to read my blog . . . We sent out an email earlier this month announcing the development and launch of our new Support Center. In that announcement, we informed everyone that we will no longer be accepting support requests via email, in an effort to have a greater response time to your support requests. This includes questions you may have from setting up a new account to billing to technical support, upgrades, etc, etc. Basically, if you have a question for us at Blogs About Hosting […]

Pleasant Surprise

In the past week – we’ve hired two techs for Blogs About Hosting, with more hiring to be done over the next few months. The growth has been crazy and I simply just cannot handle it anymore – all by myself. I don’t wanna be. All by myself. Anymore. I’m thrilled with the hires. It is such an incredible weight off my shoulders and a BIG relief. Maybe now I can reduce my 18-20 hour days down to about 16? Pfft – yea right. Anyways, in the discussions that Chris and I were having about hiring and how to structure […]


Services like Blog Explosion and BlogClicker are going to run your bandwidth up. I have quite a few clients who aren’t sure why their bandwidth is going up and up and up – – and much of it can be related to all of those 30-second Blog Explosion and Blog Clicker surfers. That, and if you have a lot of banners in rotation on those blog surfing programs – – those banners are hotlinked to your account . . . so every time your banner is loaded in their rotation, that equals bandwidth use for your account. Take a look […]

If my blog were my lover

Things have been a bit quiet around here as work has invaded my usual blogging time. Ahh, blogging – I knew you well! If my blog were a lover . . . it would have left my ass a long time ago, seeking greener pastures – citing neglect as the sole reason for heartache. Haven’t done this in awhile . . . but here are the latest folks who have been keeping my attentions (and time) focused: Jay, formerly of Perspicuous Musings, has moved over to his new domain at Nascent Musings. He’s just musing like crazy over there! He […]

Getting work outta the way

Dave, over at ViewPoint Journal contacted me for a full re-do. He is the newest member of our Blogs About community. He had been using pMachine and was interested in moving off pMachine onto WordPress. So, we imported all of his posts over into a new WordPress blog on our servers, and finished up his design yesterday. Go visit. Say hi! Gina is a seamstress over at Sew Eclectic. With an image she provided of the dress makers dummy – we skinned her new blog with the pink hues she wanted. She was on Blogger – but we migrated her […]

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