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This is just a note to any of our hosted clients who happen to read my blog . . .

We sent out an email earlier this month announcing the development and launch of our new Support Center. In that announcement, we informed everyone that we will no longer be accepting support requests via email, in an effort to have a greater response time to your support requests. This includes questions you may have from setting up a new account to billing to technical support, upgrades, etc, etc.

Basically, if you have a question for us at Blogs About Hosting – you need to utilize the Support Center.

The reasons why we’ve done this are many.

First, we’ve hired some quality folks to assist us in customer service and support. Those fine people will be working the Support Center. If you email me directly – then I can’t work my staff’s fingers to the bone, now can I?

Second – business is booming, which is a really good thing! Gone are the days where we are providing services for 40-50 clients. A current count as of this morning tells me that we are hosting 280 domains on our servers – – which is very modest as far as most hosting providers go . . however, it’s still at the level where things can get really hairy if I don’t have things organized. The Support Center is helping us get our act together and really organize things to help deliver fast responses to our clients when they need it. (and keeps me from biting all my nails off!)

Third – the Support Center has a built-in Knowledge Base – – kind of a one-stop place to go for commonly asked questions. As we build up the Knowledge Base (which is pretty sparse at the moment) – – then it’s some place to go and see if someone asked your questions already . . and you can find out the answer to your questions without even asking them! How’s that for mind reading?

So – moral of this story is this: If you are used to emailing me directly for support questions, billing questions, upgrade questions . . questions, questions, questions – – just keep in mind that it’s not just me anymore – – we’ve expanded and I’ve shifted some of the responsibility off my shoulders so I can put my feet up for a couple minutes out of the day. I will still be heavily involved in providing support – – but now I’ll be sharing the load.

Dad always told me that sharing is good.

To sum it up – – emails sent to me directly at Blogs About Hosting, E. Webscapes, Just a Girl, Right Voices or any other email you happen to have for me . . . don’t be shocked and saddened when the only thing you get in response is a link to our Support Center and a reminder to use it, instead of email.

As for my design business at E.Webscapes – – requests and inquiries remain the same as usual, via email.

All of this is for you (my clients) as well as for me (my sanity) – – so we all win in the end! 🙂

Thank you – – end of my PSA. Have a good day 😀

4 thoughts on “A Little Business Thing”

  1. If anyone deserves to put her feet up for a couple of minutes during the day, it’s YOU! Glad to see that business is booming for you guys….better pencil in that trip to Scotland now. 🙂

  2. Oh man! I feel your pain…

    Seriously. And then, when you setup an autoresponder on your email saying “for technical problems, please visit the helpdesk”, you then get a hundred emails (from the same person) “informing you” that your email is broken!

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