If my blog were my lover


Things have been a bit quiet around here as work has invaded my usual blogging time. Ahh, blogging – I knew you well! If my blog were a lover . . . it would have left my ass a long time ago, seeking greener pastures – citing neglect as the sole reason for heartache.

Haven’t done this in awhile . . . but here are the latest folks who have been keeping my attentions (and time) focused:

Nascent Musings Jay, formerly of Perspicuous Musings, has moved over to his new domain at Nascent Musings. He’s just musing like crazy over there! He wanted a template done with a New York landmark – and we decided to go with the Empire State building in white, soft greys and black. Go vist. Say Hi!

So Much Glass Andrew sells glass over at So Much Glass. He’s had his main website for some time now and wanted me to integrate a blog into the existing design of his site – with a few simple modifications. Need glass? Go visit. Say hi!

The Wide Awakes Cao, of Cao’s Blog, gathered up a group of right winged individuals to create The Wide Awakes. The describe themselves as such: “a diverse group of like-minded individuals who have formed an alliance both to propagate conservative views and values on the internet.” We also did them up a Discussion Forum using phpBB software. If such a thing appeals to you – – go visit. Say hi!

Google Retail Just like the name implies, Google Retail is a site that spotlights online shopping using Google resources and links. He had a specific look in mind . . communicated it and I developed and implemented it for him. Looks like some good deals over there. . go visit. Say hi!

The Polling Station A newsletter, turned blog – The Polling Station is an MT blog that used to be an online political newsletter. Well, actually – they still are . . but they have integrated a blog into the services to it’s readers. They wanted a simple layout for MT – and an RSS feed for their comments. I implemented both for them – and off they go! Go visit. Say hi!

I think that should do it for now! There will be more next time . . . same bat time. Same bat channel.

…or some such thing.

5 thoughts on “If my blog were my lover”

  1. Mmm, if my blog were my lover …. I wouldn’t like to see that many people ‘visiting’ it :p

    Nice design in those links, specially Nascent Musings.

  2. oh my! i love the layout for Nascent Musings. sweet. greyish… very zen-like in it’s tranquil feel…

    love it. gah. need. to. ‘master’ css.

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