Servers are back up and running, faster and smoother than before. No trucks – no steaming locomotives . . everything went off as planned…timed down to the second with only approximately 3.5 hours of server downtime – – more than we wanted, but less than we planned for.

We took the servers down when the clock struck 11PM EST exactly – to the second, on our clock. For those of you who wrote in and submitted a concern that they went down 5 minutes, 3 minutes or 2 minutes before 11PM EST – then all I can say is it’s entirely possible that our clocks aren’t completely synced with yours, down to the minute or second. I would love to apologize for the 2-5 minute difference on our individual clocks, however – it is something over which I have no control . . . we shut the servers down according to our server clocks – which just happens to be synced with the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

I guess we should have all synchronized our watches together 🙂

What I can say is that we are on our way towards providing a huge heaping load more services, packages, greater response time and faster servers with more options than ever before.

I can now take a deep breath and sigh with relief that it’s over . . . put my cyanide pill and suicide note away for possible future use. . . and maybe even get some sleep.

Well.. except for the fact that Chris has to fly out of here at 6am in the morning – he just went to sleep, so I figured I’d stay up until he has to leave so I can wake him in time for his flight.

THEN I’ll sleep.

2 thoughts on “Success!”

  1. Thanks, Michael. The move did increase the speed of our data lines, yes . . there is a noticable difference.

    I think La Shawn took over a LONG time ago – – that girl is a runaway train! It’s good to see 🙂

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