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Blog Auction

Just a reminder — there are only 4 days left! The 6 month blog hosting package (your domain or ours) complete with WordPress install, set up and an American Pride template is up for auction for Hook-A-Thon. There is already one bid with 4 days remaining! Go bid on this at the auction here. View the details of the blog hosting package here. (details are also listed on the auction page at Ebay). Blog hosting package provided by Blogs About Hosting. American Pride template provided by E.Webscapes.

Maintenance Fun

Spending the morning doing routine maintenance to our web servers – sounds like an extreme blast, doesn’t it? It’s a necessary evil. By the by, Blogs About Hosting is now offering domain name registration services, that includes a privacy protection feature that allows our clients to keep their domain registration WHOIS information private and away from prying eyes. What is domain WHOIS information?. Just one more way of helping our clients protect themselves, their privacy and their identity, on the internet. 🙂 I’m on call for Hospice today. I only have TWO MORE DAYS left of this job – – […]

Keeping Busy

Keeping busy. Staying out of trouble (yea, riiiiiight). Working hard. Playing even harder. Below are shots of the most recent templates I’ve done for clients. Give ’em a visit. Say hi. Take your coat off and stay awhile!             Curious? 🙂


11 PM on a Saturday night and my week is finally ending – – only to have to be on call for work tomorrow morning at 8am bright and early! What’s been keeping me busy? Three new hosting clients this week – – all three of them with newly custom designed templates. These are some great people – – go give ’em a visit: La Shawn Barber’s Corner Good Will Stacy The Baraws 4 My fingers are gonna fall off, I think! lol

Blogging & Support Forum

In conjunction with my new blog for Blogging & Hosting Support – I have also newly opened the Blogging Discussion Forum, which serves three purposes: Hosting Support ~ A Support forum for hosting clients. Design Updates & Support ~ Updates on new skins at E.Webscapes. As well as a discussion forum for the sharing of ideas, questions, knowledge and experience in blog & site design. Blogging Forum ~ A Blogging discussion forum to develop a community of those interested and involved with blogging. The discussion is open – – the forum, unmoderated. Hopefully, we’ll get some good involvement and discussions […]

Oy – Another Blog?

Yes! I’ve started a new blog. Why?? Why, Lisa – WHY would you do that to yourself? The answer is simple. I blog about my hosting business here. I know that my clients take a peek in here on occassion to see if I’ve posted updates, upgrades and information about the hosting service. What’s going on with it? What’s new? What’s exciting? What sucks? Well, ok – scratch that. Nothing sucks about it – – but you get my drift. The template hasn’t been developed yet — I’m still using the WordPress default template there. The site, itself, will be […]

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to make a quick post to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!! Give your mom a call and tell her that you love her and you’re thinking of her today. I sent my mom a beautiful bouquet of tulips and irises – her favorite two types of flowers. I got them from Pro Flowers – who always, always sends out the most beautiful, fresh and gorgeous flowers, if you’re ever in the market. And no, I don’t get anything for recommending them – – they’ve just always done a tremendous job for me each […]

Flurry of Activity Over Here!

Busy day for us over here. It’s going to be a busy weekend as we upgrade our webserver. We’re installing Fantastico on the web server so that we can offer our hosting clients a lot more in terms of toys, bells and whistles. It’s a pretty…well….fantastic package. The nice thing, that I’m looking forward to, is it has programs and scripts that enables me to finally put up a live help desk at our hosting site, which is awesome and will help with my time management. It also has a nice package to automat FAQ documents that I’m going to […]

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