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In preparation for our server migration later today – we’ve been doing some upgrades to the boxes, running full back ups of all accounts on the servers, and installing goodies that benefits everyone like:

  • mod_security – Scans and prevents users from using key words to hack accounts through applications such as phpBB as well as some spambots and spam
  • mod_dosevasive – Provides security against Denial Of Service attacks such as people requesting too many pages at once.
  • Anti-virus Email Scanning – This is supplied free of charge to help catch viruses before they reach your pc. This is in addition to Spam Assasin (Necessary Disclaimer – This does not replace a user having some form of local anti virus protection. does NOT assume any responsibility for transfer of viruses by providing this service. )

The above listed items run in the background – but here are some of the things you can now do via the CPanel of your account:

  • Boxtrapper – protects your inbox from spam by forcing all people not on your white list to reply to a verifcation email before they can send mail to you.
  • Image Manager – has an image thumnailer, Image Scaler and and Image Converter (allows you to convert images to jpg, gif, bmp, etc)
  • Leech Protect – allows you to prevent your users from giving out or publicly posting their password to a restricted area of your site. This feature will redirect (and suspend if selected) accounts which have been compromised to a url of your choice.

The server migration happens tonight – so this, and any other blog/site hosted on Blogs About servers have a scheduled downtime of about 2-6 hours starting at 10PM tonight (CST – 11PM EST). We’re migrating to a new Data Center that provides us with greater security, faster lines and all sorts of other goodies that make my brain itch. We say 2-6 hours . . not fully expecting the full 6 hours . . . and hey, if we can accomplish it in 1.5 hours, all the better! We shall see . . .

In the meantime – – I have planned for absolutely ZERO sleep tonight, TONS of coffee and have my cyanide pill and suicide note handy, just in case someone drops the servers off the back of the truck and they get run over by a speeding locomotive. 😀

All account back-ups are completed as of 5:45pm (CST) this evening. We backed them up onto an off-site server… SO – even IF someone drops the server boxes off the back of a truck and they get hit by a speeding locomotive – – we have all backups that can easily be restored onto newly configured servers.

Had ya worried, eh? 😉

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