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Stupidity on the Net

So, we sent a DMCA notice to some folks who run yesterday. This is how stupid some people really are – – they see something they like on the ‘net, decide they want it, completely rip it and put it up on their own site, yet they don’t bother changing the links in the content they’ve blatantly copied. Someone clicks the link – – ends up on my site. My referral stats show the incoming link – I go look and find that these yahoos have completely ripped our hosting site word for word. Boys and Girls – if […]

Blog Design – It Ain't What Your Mama Taught You

Well.. ok – my Mama didn’t teach me anything about blog design, but boy my job sure has changed in the past 4’s not what it used to be. Gone are the days of very simple templates for blogs (ala’ Blogspot defaults) and in came the days of full blown Content Management Systems (CMS) with all this wild functionality that wasn’t possible 4 years ago. Tagging.. social bookmarking.. podcasting.. video blogging.. Websites turned to blogs and blogs seem to be turning back into websites, with the extra added kick of social networking, interaction and easy multimedia updates and additions. […]

Upright and breathing

Since returning from our honeymoon last month, blogging here has been light, at best. I’ve gotten a few emails asking if I’m ever going to start blogging here regularly again. It seems since my return, I have very little time on my hands for actual blogging – – I’ve been mostly posting pictures and such. To say the least, things have been downright hectic and busy around these parts. I love blogging – and really enjoy the interaction . . . but this blog is low on my list of priorities at the moment. Back in March – I went […]

Losing My Mind

Why didn’t anyone advise me to elope? Let me just say – I could NEVER be a wedding planner (ala’ J-Lo). All the nit picky little details have my brain spinning! We’re leaving for NY in two days. Pulling together a wedding in New York from Wisconsin is no small feat, let me just say. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone! However, considering that all the plans are set and done – – all those nit picky little details have been attended to and everyone and everything is in place for this to happen – I’m really excited and looking […]

Whew! That's all I gotta say!

Major goings on! Today, E.Webscapes hit site number 400 in our portfolio! That kind of struck me as … Wow! Considering this time last year we were sitting at about 120. That means we’ve knocked out over 375+ sites in the last year and just kicked some major butt in the blogosphere, and back! I’m really proud of that – and so I raise my glass to the blogoshpere and I look forward to the opportunity to do 400 more! Many, many thanks to all of our great clients for working with us and giving us the opportunity to create […]

Nervous About Flying.. Me?

So, yea… in about 9 hours, I’ll be on a plane headed towards Austin to do my part at SXSW Interactive. If you’ve been reading me for any amount of time, you all know that I would rather peel my fingernails off and dip my fingers in salt water than get on a plane and fly anywhere. Somehow, I manage. I think it’s the 3 Benadryl’s with a Martini chaser that gets me through. As nervous as I am about flying, I’m excited and really looking forward to this thing. I get to buy a round of drinks for Peter, […]

Infalliable Machine

That’s all I want. A machine that is indestructible. Parts that never go bad. Functions at 110% at all times, no matter what type of abuse we throw at it. One of our servers that serve up many of our client sites had itself a little breakdown this week. We noticed some real strange behavior on Thursday evening. We ran our usual batch of checks on all the software, which all checked out perfectly. No wayward scripts, no badly formed code, no specific site with high volumes of traffic using up the majority of the processes, no DDOS attempts, nothing […]

PSA: WordPress 2.0 Database Error

This evening, 1/10/06 – we received reports and experienced the following error in blogs using WordPress version 2.0: WordPress database error: [Got error 28 from table handler] SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE 1=1 AND (post_status = “publish” OR post_author = 1 AND post_status != ‘draft’ AND post_status != ‘static’) AND post_status != “attachment” GROUP BY wp_posts.ID ORDER BY post_date DESC LIMIT 0, 15 The problem existed for all of 3-5 minutes on our server and appeared to wipe out all posts made on the blogs – however, a quick check of the database told us that the databases were, indeed, […]

DOS Hell

What a vacation so far! Last night, Tropical Storm Cindy came raging through here with all of it’s mighty force. It wasn’t so bad at all – – considering that I am stormphobic to begin with. Lots of heavy rain, wind, lightening and thunder battered our home. This morning, the lake looks like a mud puddle – – all of the mud ran off the land into the lake and it’s solid brown out there. Right before she hit – Chris and I made a WalMart run (WalMart is the only store in this area aside from a couple of […]

Blogs About & Jacko

So, here’s the deal. We sent out emails to all of our clients — if you are one of them, you should have received it. If you did not receive it – – leave a comment here if you see this and let me know. We’ve experienced a fast growth rate in the passing months. More than we expected, actually. We experienced some down time today and some random down time sporadically throughout this month. None of this, by the way, was related to the power outage in our data center earlier this week . . that was bad timing […]

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