One more time…


… for good measure.

If your site is hosted by Blogs About – we have a Support Center. The Support Center is there to centralize all support requests, technical and otherwise. It is also there for billing issues, upgrades and the like.

We put it up there so that our clients can get quick and responsive service. With almost 300 people that we service just through hosting – – it is impossible for me to handle all of the requests by myself. We’ve hired tech staff. Chris assists me a great deal with support. I am still heavily involved in it – – but simply cannot run it on my own anymore – – which is why I have help.

As stated in the numerous notices that have gone out in regards to the new Support Center:

I do not answer hosting support, billing or customer service requests – or design requests – at my email address. I don’t check this account often enough for you to get a timely response.

I also do not answer hosting support, billing or customer service requests at my E.Webscapes email address. This account is strictly for design clients and design inquiries.

I also do not answer hosting support, billing or customer service requests at my Right Voices email address. I check this email account about twice a week. If you’re sending in support requests there – – don’t count on a reply.

If you are hosted with Blogs About – please use the Support Center. That is your avenue for responsive support inquiries. If you want to be hosted with Blogs About – – we have a contact form for sales on our site at

If I sound like I am repeating myself – – I am.

11 thoughts on “One more time…”

  1. Yea, yea, So now that you have improved processes, More staff, a different DC, why are you not blogging issues like you used too…

    I want to know what you think about the illegal Canucks coming over the border near you…I know you are way up there.

  2. Michael –

    I burnt myself out on blogging about the issues – so I’m taking a break and just blogging about my personal, mundane life. Which isn’t nearly as exciting as blogging about illegal Cannucks coming across our Wisconsin borders . . but it gives my brain a rest to just blog about my boring life. πŸ™‚

    By the way, they need to tighten our borders across the country — Mexico and Canada, alike. What’s good for the goose . . .

    I have nothing against Canadians and their desire to be here in the United States – – my problem lies with our border security. If illegal immigrants are coming through in large numbers . . then how difficult is it for our not-so-friendly terrorists to make it in here and cause havok on our country?

    Too easy, I say.

  3. I like how Reilly thinks! Does that mean we get to put Jeanette in a schoolgirl outfit????? :twisted::mrgreen:

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