Update on Dad


I call a friend of mine who is an MD at the WI Medical College. I wanted him to go in and just visit Dad – take a look at him, peruse through his chart and see if anything stuck out at him as concerning.

They are saying that Dad’s recovery, at this point, is “text book” – meaning everything is going as expected. Normal. Within normal limits.

Dad has forbidden me from going down to the hospital to visit him anymore.

He says, “I know you have put off a lot of things in order to be down here for the past 3 days. They’re sending me home in two days – – so I don’t want you down here anymore. You can call all you want – – but no visiting, understood?”

Fine. Fine. Fine.

But the minute anyone tells me that anything is ‘concerning’ – I’m down there.

So, for now – I’m optimistic and looking forward to him coming home. We already have Ben, my son, on stand by to head over there at least once a week to do some things around the house that need doing.

But, it’s good news! He’s healthy – and on his way to a full recovery. Who can ask for more than that??

For those that I’ve been putting off in blog set ups and designs – – I’m working my way back to my normal schedule. I’ll probably be behind for the remainder of the week, but plan to be back on track by Monday. I hope!

I have the greatest clients in the world, really. Thank you all for your kind words, patience and understanding.

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  1. By now you should need a good drink, so here’s your recipe for the week:

    Vanilla Brandy
    Go to Penzey’s (you should know where it is in Milwaukee by now, and if you don’t shame on you!!!).

    Get a couple of the good vanilla beans.

    Stop by the liqour store on the way home. Pick up a bottle of good brandy (VSOP at the minimum, and lately I’ve been preferring the Christian Brothers to the E&J).

    Drop a couple of whole vanilla beans in the bottle and stick it on the shelf for a couple weeks.

    Drink up. All it really needs is ice, and if you want you could even use some of Reilly’s fancy schmantzy ice cubes. :mrgreen:

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