Wedding Planning

Losing My Mind

Why didn’t anyone advise me to elope? Let me just say – I could NEVER be a wedding planner (ala’ J-Lo). All the nit picky little details have my brain spinning! We’re leaving for NY in two days. Pulling together a wedding in New York from Wisconsin is no small feat, let me just say. […]

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Home Stretch

I have a week to go before we leave for NY – then a week after that.. the wedding! I’m sure my blogging will get back to normal (whatever normal is) after I return from the honeymoon – – I’m thinking, breathing, eating, sleeping wedding plans these days.. I’m sure I sound like a broken

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We’re down to 6 weeks to go until the wedding. Everything seems to be clipping along nicely – except for when we went to NY to do some planning and meeting with some of the folks helping (read: we’re paying) to make our wedding happen, our caterer got called to a funeral at the last

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More Wedding Progress

I think my charge card is smoking from over use! More items off my to do list: Place cards and holders (cute little purple butterfly holders at each place setting!) Pretty silk butterfly confetti to scatter around on each table The wedding favors and gifts for the guests The cake is HALFWAY ordered – need

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The Stress Continues

Repeat after me: Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Planning a wedding is fun. Now click your heels three times and you may find yourself in a state of denial and dellusion just like me! And to think, just yesterday, I assured Becca that I wasn’t nearing the bridezilla syndrome yet.

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Why the hiatus?

I‘ve gotten a lot of feedback on my self-imposed hiatus from taking on new projects at E.Webscapes. Lots of questions as to why, why, oh why??? We just got done doing some major wedding planning this past weekend… here’s just a the tip of the iceberg about the reasons behind the hiatus: April 6 –

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Keeping Outta Trouble

Just realized this morning that’s it’s been 5 days since I updated here. Heh. Nothing much new to report, at all. Working. Wedding planning. Life. Too busy to blog and that’s ‘da truth. Random updates: We completed Season 4 of 24 – after renting seasons one through four from Blockbuster. So, now we’re offcially in

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Wedding Things

Invitations are printed and in envelopes! That may not sound like huge deal – – but trust, it’s a HUGE deal! All I have to do now is find the time to just sit down with them at my kitchen table.. no distrations..and address them, stamp them and send them out. They will be out

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