Losing My Mind


Why didn’t anyone advise me to elope? Let me just say – I could NEVER be a wedding planner (ala’ J-Lo). All the nit picky little details have my brain spinning!

We’re leaving for NY in two days. Pulling together a wedding in New York from Wisconsin is no small feat, let me just say. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone! However, considering that all the plans are set and done – – all those nit picky little details have been attended to and everyone and everything is in place for this to happen – I’m really excited and looking forward to this. I’m sure anyone who is actually left around here actually reading this blog will be glad to hear me blog/talk about something OTHER than my wedding. lol

We’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off – making sure everything is set and ready to go. I finally finished up all my projects for E.Webscapes this week: Jane Wilson-Marquis (Chris’s mother and the designer of my own wedding dress), Yuuko Suzuki – classical pianist extraordinaire and the final project for Kevin at Blog Goliard, including a cool new design for E.Webscapes, itself. I have many names on my waiting list to keep me busy and hopping upon my return.

Kevin’s project was an excellent on to send me off on my wedding/honeymoon. His ideas, coupled with Leanne’s awesome illustration work for it – really turned out nice, I think. He was a great pleasure to work with – and surprised me in the end with a pleasant and unexpected wedding gift. Thank you so much, Kevin!

Many have emailed in to ask if we have a wedding registry – and, at first, we didn’t have one. Our feeling on the whole wedding gift thing was.. we didn’t want any! Initially, we decided that since we’re having the wedding in New York – and every single one of our guests have to travel to get there.. so airfaire and lodging costs.. we decided that, alone, was the perfect gift. Just having them there to share our special day with us was gift enough for us.

Since then, there are folks who we invited who could not make the wedding… and many online friends of mine who aren’t coming… and I was informed that it was ‘rude of me not to have a registry or place posted where we can send something to you guys!” I guess I really didn’t think of it that way… I figured I was letting everyone off the ‘wedding gift’ hook! lol

Anyways – since then, we did do an online registry which can be found here: Weddings.com – – and for every gift purchased off the registry – a donation will be made to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America.

So. There it is – now I’m not rude anymore!

I can’t believe there is still so much to do before we leave on Friday! Why am I sitting here blogging??? Procrastination – that’s why!

To do:
Pack – our bag for the week in NY, then a bag for our 2 weeks in Bonaire.
Confirm the bus transportation for guests on the day of the wedding.
Hair, manicure and pedicure!! (must. not. forget!)
Get my sons hair cut – – the mop that it is!
Assemble the IPod music playlists for the wedding day.

For our hosting customers at Blogs About – we’re definitley not abandoning the servers for 3 weeks! That has been a process in and of itself. We’ve made sure the servers are as secure as possible – and over the past few months have upgraded the hardware and software on the servers (particularly the Talis server for those of you on that). Spent the next several weeks testing, securing and making sure everything is a go. We have hired some very reliable and awesomely experienced (apache, red hat, mysql) server admins for 24 hour monitoring of the servers in our absence and have a couple of wonderful techs manning the help desk to help you with those support needs. Even the beautiful and talented Leanne will be on hand in the support desk to assist with support needs – – just be easy on her, promise??

Ok – now I’m off to do some serious laundry and packing. I swear. I’ll get all this done in time. No. Really!

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  1. I love your blogs they are so well thought out. It looks as though you are getting everything together. Personally I am a big procrastinator as well. Good luck with you and your family as well as your awesome designs.

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