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Just realized this morning that’s it’s been 5 days since I updated here. Heh. Nothing much new to report, at all. Working. Wedding planning. Life. Too busy to blog and that’s ‘da truth.

Random updates:

We completed Season 4 of 24 – after renting seasons one through four from Blockbuster. So, now we’re offcially in ‘waiting’ mode for season 5 of 24 and season 5 of Alias to be released on DVD. I’m convinced that this is the best way to watch the TV series. There is just NO way that I would be patient enough to wait a full week for the next episode. Guess I’m just an instant gratification type of gal.

About half the wedding invitations are out and sent. My gown is about half done – I have to make it out to NY for another fitting before they can move forward on that. We were going out there on the 28th of this month, but we have to re-schedule . . so we’re probably looking at mid-February for that. This wedding isn’t until 6/24 – but it’s feeling very ‘just-around-the-corner-ish’ to me at the moment!

Today is my official ‘weigh-in’ day – and i’m down another 1.5lbs making this a total of 12.5lbs loss since I started this thing in December. I’m getting there! I really wish that sitting at my computer working, coding and designing burned more calories and could be considered exercise – because that’s how I’ve been spending a lot of my days these past few weeks. Although, I am working towards taking a couple weeks off completely from designing . . allowing Lara, Leanne, Michael and Becca to fill the majority of the new orders coming in (plus our newest designer who is inches from being officially hired – just need to finalize things with her this week!)

The semester is over for the kids – – they both did pretty well. Semester two starts tomorrow – – with a fresh new outlook for both of them. They’re organized and ready to go. Umm.. yea, hopefully.

Lastly, if anyone attempted emailing me at the end of the week last week and haven’t gotten a response? Our ISP was ‘down for maintenance’ for a very long time Thursday and Friday of last week…and it seems most of the emails went through, but appears that a few were lost along the way. It took me awhile to sort through email after getting back online – – so, there was a delay there. So, if ya didn’t hear back from me by now.. most likely you’ll need to resend. Sorry about that!

I think that’s it for me today! Have a good one!

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5 thoughts on “Keeping Outta Trouble”

  1. Yeah, how the heck did everything get so busy lately? I’ve barely even had a chance to check in on you while you were too busy to blog!

    As long as you’re doing the TV by season thing, check out Babylon 5. Yes, geeky space stuff that’s one of the best written series EVER! First season is total setup and plenty of plot threads. It picks up steam nicely as it goes, and by the time it hits the third season it gets every bit as hard to stop watching as Alias in its prime.

  2. Heya Astro – – things just got busy. Go figure – but it’s raining work over here! 🙂

    We looked into Babylon 5 at BlockBuster.. which, of course, they don’t have. So Chris signed up for a NetFlix account today.. hopefully we’ll be enjoying Babylon 5 soon!

  3. Ah, Netflix. The only way to watch a television show. So far, we’ve managed to watch 4 seasons of Smallville, 2 seasons of X-Files, and the first season of 24, all without commercials, ridiculous amounts of personal scheduling, or programming the ridiculously-designed VCR.

    Of course, it has it’s downsides. The wife and I watched the entire first season of 24 in 5 days. It was like a bag of potato chips – we couldn’t eat just one – except it took 48 minutes to eat the next chip.

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