Baklava in New York… Anyone?


Any NY’rs out there who would be able to give me a referral to the absolute BEST bakalava in the city?? We’re having a wedding cake done by Cupcake Cafe — but Chris, and a few others, are real Baklava fans . . . and after talking him out of having a full blown Baklava cake (not sure how that would be)… we compromised on a nice wedding cake, and a big tray full of baklava on the side.

I found a TON of places on the net for bakeries in NYC that make baklava – – and have narrowed it down to actual greek bakeries. Just thought I’d put this out there to see if any NYC’rs stop by who just happen to know of some real mouth watering baklava in the city.

Wedding plans are full blast right now. Shortly, Chris will be found curled up in a corner somewhere sucking his thumb, poor guy. Ha! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Baklava in New York… Anyone?”

  1. Just found your blog randomly while searching for “baklava new york”. I love the baklava at “pita express”, 15 ann street, just off of broadway. $2.50 for two little corners. but they are amazing.

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