A Very Bose Christmas

My ears lost their innocence in 1990. I used to be a person who was just happy listening to music on whatever medium was available – – the car radio, my home stereo system, the loudspeakers at the mall – it didn’t really matter to me.  Although, I am a musician – and a classically trained one at that – my ear was never really very picky when it came to consuming music for my entertainment.   My ear only seemed to be MY worst critic, not anyone else’s.  That is until 1989, when I married a true audiophile geek.  If […]

Saying goodbye to 2008

I loved 2008…and I hated it. Professionally, it was really a phenomenal year. E.Webscapes did 409 projects in 2008 – that’s more than a project a day. It’s almost exactly double what we did in 2007 – and the profit margins tripled. I also finished another book in 2008 and have another (different) one in the works for 2009 (more about that another day!) I would have to say that professionally speaking, 2008 was my most productive year, to date, since I quit my nursing job and became self-employed back in 2004. I’m pretty proud of that – and proud […]

A little planned time out

We are making preparations to travel to Las Vegas next week to attend Blog World Expo. Looking forward to running into some old friends, and making new ones – – if you are planning on being there, please let me know! Would love to catch up with you and shake your hand, or share some words over coffee! Chris and I are looking forward to it. We’re staying at the MGM Grand – so hopefully I’ll be able to hang on to my hard earned money while I’m there (cha ching!). Chris and I fly outta here on Thursday, Sept […]

Vegas, Baby! Blog World Expo '09

Chris and I will be attending the Blog World and New Media Expo being held in Vegas, September 19-21st. We’re excited to be going to Vegas and attending this conference. Are you planning on going? It’s just a little over a month away! If you ARE wanting to go, but haven’t registered yet – at the end of this post I have a happy little discount for registration for the conference, just as a thanks for dropping by my site and taking the time to read 🙂 The conference is geared towards people who publish their own media – whether […]

Happy New Year – update your copyright statement

It usually takes me until April to update the copyright statement that appears at the very bottom of my site, that is until now. For WordPress users – here’s what I use for my copyright statement, which updates, automatically, each year, and I don’t have to worry about it ever again: © 2002 – Happy new year to everyone – hope you had safe celebrations! Me? I was sicker than a dog with the flu that my brother and his family brought to Christmas celebrations at my folks house. I was down and out – complete with fever, chills, aches […]

Post-Turkey Day Success

The deep fried turkey was a raving success at Thanksgiving dinner. To all those who emailed with luck and good wishes, I’m happy to report that we did not burn the house down! The turkey was completely contained within the frier the entire time..yay us! We actually fried the turkey outside, so I didn’t even have a chance to obsess over the potential of fires, and the like. I wish I would have gotten a picture – – Chris rigged up this pulley system with rope and eyehooks in order to lower the turkey into the boiling oil. It was […]

Deep Fried Turkey

As the end of a particularly chaotic and busy week came to a close – I found out, with less than a weeks notice, I’m doing Thanksgiving dinner here at the (Sabin-)Wilson home on Thursday. In years past, we always go to my folks home for Thanksgiving – the reason for the change is a long story that I won’t go into. It’s times like these that I wish I could just wriggle my nose, like Samantha from Bewitched, and make an entire Thanksgiving dinner appear in my kitchen – without any prepapration, planning or preparing. *nose wiggle* But, Samantha […]

Back and Buried

Just a quick note to say I’m finally back from my trip to NYC and Florida – – and am literally buried over my head in e-mails. I know exactly how the rest of my day will be spent… responding to and returning emails that have come in over the last several days. My internet connection was sketchy, at best, as I travelled. The Future of Web Design conference was pretty much a bust. I thought it would be a bit more ‘meatier’ than it turned out to be. Maybe I’ll write more about why later, when I have more […]

Calling All Pumpkin Carvers and WordPress Lovers

Really, what does pumpkin carving have to do with WordPress…or vice versa?? Well, nothing really – – not literally, anyways. But, hey – this is the internet… we can make associations between things that were never associated before. As Halloween approaches and all the goblins and ghouls come out to play (a/k/a/ those pesky munchkin-types who come to your door looking for sweet treats) – – people also bring out the big, bright orange gourds, otherwise known as pumpkins – and carve them into artistic masterpieces. Enter Leanne’s 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. She’s been running the contest for the […]

Hello Monday!

We’re home from our Myrtle Beach vacation. It was SO nice – the weather was beautiful and I got a decent tan. We played a lot in the surf and took moonlit walks on the beach every night, just because we could. There wasn’t a whole lot of vacation activity – we just took the entire week slow and enjoyed the time away. We didn’t get any diving in last week at all – – the storms they experienced there made the visibility less than zero. There is no shore diving to be had in South Carolina and the one […]

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