Back and Buried


Just a quick note to say I’m finally back from my trip to NYC and Florida – – and am literally buried over my head in e-mails. I know exactly how the rest of my day will be spent… responding to and returning emails that have come in over the last several days. My internet connection was sketchy, at best, as I travelled.

The Future of Web Design conference was pretty much a bust. I thought it would be a bit more ‘meatier’ than it turned out to be. Maybe I’ll write more about why later, when I have more time, in the meantime – Beckley echos my thoughts on the matter. I left, dissapointed.

After my week in NY – Chris and I spent a short two days with friends in Florida. We spent most of the time on a boat and went deep-sea fishing. Between the 6 of us, we reeled in about 225lbs of fish – mostly Grouper and Red Snapper. Chris caught the biggest catch of the day with a 30-inch Black Grouper. It was relaxing fun.

I am paying for those two days of relaxation however, with the amount of email and work that awaits me today, and the rest of this week. Hope you all had a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Back and Buried”

  1. SasaV – thank you, it’s good to be back 🙂 Glad to hear you picked up the book.. drop by again and let me know your thoughts on it. cheers!

  2. Heya cutie!

    I just thought I’d let you know that I FINALLY remembered your original blog URL. I’m sorry, sweetie, but estrogen dominance has made me a drooling idiot with Swiss cheese where my brain used to be. Seriously, I don’t recommend HRT after hysterectomy. At least not ESTROGEN ONLY HRT – but that is something . . . good Lord, I’m ranting. See?

    Anyway. . . I wanted to drop by and say Hi. I missed you. And I’m baaaaack. Moo ha ha.


  3. Margi! Ranting?? YOU?? Hell, I wouldn’t have recognized you without it. 😮

    It’s been soooooooo long and I’m SO glad to see you back. And to prove how well I remember (I’m not THAT old YET).. .here’s a gift for you:

    I posted that image back in 2004 on this blog and everytime I hear someone say that – – I think of you. ha!

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