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We are making preparations to travel to Las Vegas next week to attend Blog World Expo. Looking forward to running into some old friends, and making new ones – – if you are planning on being there, please let me know! Would love to catch up with you and shake your hand, or share some words over coffee! Chris and I are looking forward to it. We’re staying at the MGM Grand – so hopefully I’ll be able to hang on to my hard earned money while I’m there (cha ching!).

Chris and I fly outta here on Thursday, Sept 18 and are in Vegas until Sunday, Sept. 21.

On Sunday, we fly from Vegas to Los Angeles, CA to attend a conference for his business, Interact2008 in Marina del Rey. Chris’s company, Mosaic Consulting is one of the main sponsors of the event – and we’re pretty excited about that.

It’ll be quite a difference! The BlogWorld Expo conference in Vegas is very causal, where the conference in California is very business-like during the day, and cocktail parties and galas in the evenings. Followed by the very very casual vacation time in San Diego — this will be a challenging trip to pack for! I have problems packing, normally…. with this trip, it’ll be a mish mash of shorts, jeans, flip flops, sneakers, strappy heels, cocktail dresses, business casual and everything in between. I hope the airline doesn’t charge me too much for the extra baggage weight!

We’ll be in Marina del Rey until Thursday, Sept. 25 – that’s when we rent a car and make the drive down to San Diego where it’s alllllllllllll personal vacation from there – – well, at least until Sunday, Sept 28th, when we’ll be flying back to Milwaukee and headed back to the reality of every day living. While in San Diego, we’re going to relax and spend a few days visiting the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. I just adore the San Diego Zoo and can’t wait to revisit it again this month.

It’ll be good for me to get away for a piece of time, really. Things have been so entirely hectic around here lately that I need to step back and do a little relaxing ‘me’ stuff! The next trip I have planned isn’t until March – when I’ll be attending the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin Texas. I have some really exciting things brewing for my trip to SXSW and will be making an announcement here in the near future about it all – – I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Not sure I’ll be posting here until we get back from our trip – – so have a GREAT weekend! I’ll be sure to have some great photos to share of my experience at BlogWorld, Interact2008 and the Zoo.

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  1. Hmmmm… I wonder if we could manage a hook up. What time of day (or night) would you be driving down to San Diego? I’m just a few minutes off the I-5 in Orange County…

  2. I would love to head up to vegas for the Blog expo, I am going to look into that. Maybe call some of my buddies that live there, might even call my Vegas pit boss? Wait cancel the last one, don’t have expendable cash for this trip. 🙁
    But still sounds fun! And when your coming to LA for a semi still out of town like work-cation, you’ll be just around the corner from mi-casa, Santa Monica.
    Enjoy the trip, I will try to make Vegas!

  3. @Jammie – – Hmmmmmmm, indeed! I just clarified with Chris and I had the date wrong… we are actually leaving Marina del Rey Wednesday afternoon (9/24) and taking a leisurely drive down to San Diego.

    I would LOVE LOVE to meet up with you for dinner or something, on our way down? What do you think?? email me at lsabin.wilson AT gmail DOT com – – let’s swap phone numbers and chat some about it.

    Seriously – that would make my entire trip! 😡

  4. @TheFrosty – hook me up with that pit boss LOL I need all the connections I can get. Every time I hit Vegas, I realize what a blackjack-a-holic I am 😉

    If you make it to Vegas – let me know 🙂

  5. Have a great trip! Hope you have tons of fun!

    We’re traveling the whole month. This morning, we had a great time visiting the Farmer’s Market in the rain. Got tons of pictures of people walking around in the rain, umbrellas, fruit, vegetables…, very cool with the the state capitol building in the background.:-?

  6. @Jammie – consider it a done deal 😉 Have fun at your dentist appointment today (yea right!) … I’m ringing you up later in the afternoon…. if your mouth isn’t so frozen that you can’t speak! 🙂

  7. Hi Lisa —

    I just purchased your book “WordPress for Dummies.” I am also just starting my blog; I am a dummie. Your book says that I can post an “author photo” simply by using the “My Picture” box on the “Your Profile and Personal Options” page.

    There is no “My Picture” box on the “Your Profile and Personal Options” page. There seems to be no way to post an author photo.

    When I search for help on the WordPress groups, I hear all sorts about plug-ins and codes and whatnot.

    I have spent six hours on this. How do I post my author photo?

    Thank you very much,


  8. Hi Laurie – You probably want to check which part of the book you are reading that in. I’m guessing you read that in the (hosted) WordPress.Com section.

    The people who answered you in the support groups are correct, in the hosted WordPress.Org version, you cannot upload an author photo unless you have a plugin.

    However, in the hosted, WordPress.Com version, you definitely can upload an author photo in the Profile and Personal Options section of the admin panel.

    The book is broken up into three distinct parts: WordPress.Com, WordPress.Org and WordPress MU.

    Thanks for reading, and for stopping by!

  9. Have fun Lisa.

    Hey I need some convincing arguments to get someone to jump from Blogger to WP. Any arguments you could share with me?

  10. Which one is actually better, wordpress or blogger? I use blogspot at the moment. I’m a web designer trying to expand my knowledge of blogs as well. :d

  11. Hi Lisa. Bought and read your book last weekend. I loved it. Very well done.

    I have a question. What in your opinion is the appropriate version of WordPress (regular or MU) for a person who plans to have 5-7 blogs. These are all of a related business nature, but will have separate URLs. Is there a way under regular wordpress to administer a group of separate blogs like this easily? Or does it justify the jump to MU? What is the tipping point? Thanks again and looking forward to your response.

  12. I happened to be in Vegas for the expo. It was a lot of fun and met a few very interesting people. I am now looking forward for this years expo again.

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