Hello Monday!


We’re home from our Myrtle Beach vacation. It was SO nice – the weather was beautiful and I got a decent tan. We played a lot in the surf and took moonlit walks on the beach every night, just because we could. There wasn’t a whole lot of vacation activity – we just took the entire week slow and enjoyed the time away. We didn’t get any diving in last week at all – – the storms they experienced there made the visibility less than zero. There is no shore diving to be had in South Carolina and the one other dive charter that we could have taken started at 6AM – and while we love diving… we don’t love 6am.

It must have been some good relaxing time, though – because, now that I’m home, I actually feel like I’ve vacationed and feel refreshed, relaxed and recharged. Just what the doctor ordered, it seems!

It is Monday, though – so of course reality hit me right SMACK in the face this morning as I dive, head first, into work. This month brings the final wrap-up of WordPress For Dummies, which I am SO psyched about. The book goes to press in about a month with its release to follow shortly after – – it’s about time, eh? I think so too!

Also, my FIFTH blogging anniversary on this domain is coming up next month. Five years of blogging – oy! That makes me just ANCIENT in blog years, doesn’t it? I’m thinking of some cool stuff to celebrate 5 years here – – hmmmmmmm…the release of WordPress For Dummies coincides with my 5 year anniversary here… coincidence..or just good timing? What to do…what to do? 😉

With that – I’m back to work. Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!!

4 thoughts on “Hello Monday!”

  1. Welcome home. Glad you feel refreshed, sometimes just going to a different environment helps with that.

    Let’s see, I started blogging June of 2004 — that makes me just over 3 years old. I always did like older women. 😛

  2. Lisa, congrats on the book and super congrats on your 5th year blogging. That is awesome!

    Oh, and welcome home! and welcome back to good ol’ Mondays reality check! :((

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