Myrtle Beach or Bust

Leaving on a jet plane….. at exactly 7:05 AM tomorrow morning, Chris and I are hopping a plane and scooting our collective asses outta Wisconsin for 5 days. To be very honest, this isn’t the best time for a vacation. I have gobs of client work to complete and I’m still in the final throes of book editing – but an opportunity came up that we just couldn’t turn down. A friend of ours had a week open on a condo rental on the beach in Myrtle Beach and offered it, fully knowing that I needed a sanity break, else […]

Getting to Know You

“Face Behind the Blogger” collection was started by Dave Airey because blogging is truly international, and the chances of meeting the people behind your favorite blogs are slim, a face to the name of someone you haven’t met helps recognition and adds a more personal feel to your conversations. Stevie (revenge) tagged me with it about a week ago – I figured it was time to pony up the goods over here. It took me a while to find some older pictures of myself – – ones that were not scanned, I simply laid out on the table and took […]

Ski Vacation – Gore Mountain

This is Gore Mountain in Lake George, New York. It’s where we ended up spending our family skiing vacation after spending Christmas with Chris’ Mom in Putnam Valley, NY. In researching ski resorts in the NY area, we found there really wasn’t much to choose from due to lack of snow. Many of the ski runs were closed due to weather – meaning there was no snow, and it wasn’t even cold enough to make snow. But – we dug around until we found one mountain that was open and that’s where we headed. Gore Mountain was about a 3 […]

Happy Holidays

I’m posting my “Happy Holidays and Happy New Year” wish to you all a bit early because as of tomorrow, I’ll be outta here 🙂 We’re headed to New York to spend Christmas, then on the 26th we’ll be in Vermont enjoying a family vacation of skiing in the mountains and otherwise freezing our collective bums off! Prior to leaving – I have a bit of a list of things to do: – wrap Christmas presents – finish baking the Christmas cookies – launch a new design for a client of mine – get the house ready for the adjuster […]

Winter Fun

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle going on around here – we had a change to hit the slopes a few times in the past week… preparing for our big family ski vacation in Vermont, coming up in just a short week! Yay! Here’s a really BAD picture of my daughter, Melissa, and I getting off the ski lift – Chris took the shot with my Casio Exilim – – the lighting was bad and we were moving to fast for a good shot, but here it is: Here’s a few closeups of the kid and I […]

Holiday Rush

I need a whole ‘nother month before Christmas. Who do I need to call to make that happen??? Is there a “I-Need-More-Shopping-Time-Before-Christmas” hotline?

Families and Holidays

Hope everyone had a great turkey day! Here’s the best Thanksgiving post I found on blogs – – for whatever reason, it had me busting a gut. Of course, could be because it’s hubby’s blog and all.. I’m biased that way. Moo! (speaking of hubby and his blog.. this is off topic – but for you movie lovers out there, he did a great write up on one of my favorite movies right here. This is really an awesome flick!) So we spent Thanksgiving with my folks. It was uneventful.. which means it was nice, relaxing and not a whole […]

Bonaire – Above The Sea

Here are other pictures from our Honeymoon in Bonaire – these pictures were taken above the sea, rather than below it! We arrived on 7/25 at the Flamingo Airport in Bonaire. It’s pink! Lots more pictures below the link – – there’s lots of them, so be patient, it may take a moment to load them all! Is this a view or is this a view? Well.. it’s a view, of course! From our room – – the sea is no more than 4 feet away from our balconey. Gorgeous! After a long day of diving the Bari Reef in […]

Bonaire Diving

This is a post that I promised my friend, Balbulican. Balbulican is a diver of the experienced and knowledgeable sort. I spent a few days, prior to our honeymoon, in email conversation with him about Bonaire – specifically regarding diving in Bonaire. He is a WEALTH of information and he should get paid for doing this stuff, really. An encyclopedia of knowledge he is. He runs a site at Underwater Motion, with his friend George – where they are “committed to capturing the beauty and excitement of the world’s premiere dive destinations on DVD.” Before we left for Bonaire – […]

Portrait of Me as a Scuba Diver

When we were planning our honeymoon to Bonaire – the biggest factor involved in the decision to go there was Chris and his past experiences with the island. He’d been about 4-5 times before. The island is known for it’s diving. As a matter of fact, Bonaire is one of the premire dive locations in the Caribbean. Problem? Neither one of us were certified as scuba divers. When Chris travelled to Bonaire, he snorkled, but never dove. Me? I’ve never really had an interest in scuba diving – – I guess it’s just something that never occurred to me. Once […]

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