Deadlines Don’t Care

I have been writing books since 2006 - that's a LONG time! The thing I've learned about book deadlines is that deadlines don't care about your life. They don't care about when you have the flu, or when you have 100 other things piling up in your To Do list, or even when you just flat out don't feel like writing. Deadlines are unforgiving.
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WordPress All-In-One by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

This week I. . .

It’s been a WEEK! I’m happy that it’s over and the weekend is finally here . . . seems like it took forever. This week I… …Finally have an answer after a somewhat worrisome week..and without too much detail, I’ll just say this: The pathology test, mammogram and ultrasound came back completely NORMAL. They didn’t show up with anything that is not supposed to be there. So, I guess you guys are stuck with me for awhile! …Flooded the kitchen and, subsequently, the garage that sits underneath it. What? Anyone could make the same mistake I did: I turned on […]

Upgraded: WordPress 2.6

WordPress announced the (early) release of the latest version 2.6 today. I’ve upgraded this site without too many problems at all. It is worth noting that Alex King’s Link Harvest plugin triggered fatal errors when I re-activated my plugins after the upgrade. I haven’t looked into this too deeply yet and I’ve not yet looked for a patch for this and don’t know if Alex is aware of any issues w/ 2.6 – but will keep my eye out. It is also worth noting that even with this 2.6 upgrade, I still require the .htaccess fix in order to successfully […]

FreshBooks and Other Tools I Use

It was about a year ago that I started hearing about colleagues of mine using FreshBooks for their invoicing and time tracking needs. At the time, I wasn’t ready to move away from my tried and true practice of manual invoicing per project. Hey, I’m a creature of habit and it’s what I knew, and was comfortable with, at the time. I am an early adopter of some things…but not all. I started using FreshBooks a little over a month ago and I just can’t even begin to describe how excellent this service is and how much time it has […]

SmartLife – Decision Making Process on Outsourcing Design

One of our recent clients at E.Webscapes, Chris Cairns from SmartLife, recently wrote about his experience with outsourcing and documented his decision making process regarding who to outsource with. In his post, Automatically Make Money Online Through Monetized Blogging: A Guide To Outsourcing Your Professional Blog’s Design (Plus: Actual Statement Of Work For Your Reuse), Chris takes you through his entire SOW (Statement of Work) and the ratings system he used to narrow down which design company he ended up using for his WordPress design and development project. Obviously, I stated that he is a client of ours – that […]

Saturation Reaching Critical Mass

Twitter. WordPress. Google Blog Reader. Bookmark. Social Media. Podcasting. MySpace. SEO. Facebook. Plurk. Movable Type. VBlogging. StumbleUpon. Monetization. Premium. ShareThis. Avatar. Social Networking. Building Relationships. Blogging. Typepad. Lastfm. Blog Wars. Buzz. Hype. Digg. Ping. Trackbacks. Feed Count. Stats. Pownce. FriendFeed. RSS. Flickr. Multitasking. PayPal. Favicon. Instant Messenger. Sociable. Ad Space. SERP. White space. Vanity Search. Instalaunch. Followers. Friends. iEverything. Bloglines. Mobile Web. YouTube. Technorati. FreshBooks. Tutorials. Relevent. Irrelevant. Favorites. Blogspot. A, B, C, D List, et al. Top Sites. Authority. Rank. Branding. WTF. LOL. Oh Hai. Videocast. BaseCamp. Wiki. New Media. Old Media. kthxbai. In August, I’m unhooking myself and […]

Buried in WordPress

It’s been a pretty busy weekend, so far. I have my third deadline on Monday for WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition. The book is humming right along – – my last deadline is July 28th, so I should be done in relatively short order. As always, the challenge with writing this book is keeping up with the fast-paced development that surrounds the WordPress project. I have to say, it’s easier this time around than it was last time – mostly because I think I’m just used to it now! Sometimes, it feels like I’m running a marathon just to keep […]

I had to Google you, Lisa. Google.

Me: “So, where did we leave off?? I think the last time we talked, your mother died, you lost your job and a good friend of yours stabbed you in the back without remorse …. my father had a heart attack, I left my nursing career for self-employment in a completely unrelated field and I got married… so how what’s new???” Her: “No. My mother died, I lost my job and my friend stabbed me in the back. YOU? Your dad had a heart attack, you left nursing and I found out you got married because of those pictures on […]

Redesign, Finally!

The redesign of this site has been in the works forEVER! And when I say forever..I really mean about 6-8 months of putting it on the back burner until my schedule opened up enough for me to be able to sit down and really figure out what I wanted to do. The redesign of this site went through about 6-8 different visual looks until I finally settled on what I wanted…and it took that long for me to settle. It wasn’t until my last attempt that I realized what I wanted here (at least for now): simple. clean. light. minimal. […]

Goodies, Snacks and Baskets

I’m a bit spoiled. This past week, I received two deliveries to my door. Both of them addressed to me and each of them containing a few of my favorite things. The first was from Amy @ Earnest Parenting. This was SO sweet! You may, or may not, remember a post I did recently where I gave away my paid registration for the SOBCon ’08 Conference in Chicago. I wanted to go very much – but, unfortuantley, my own schedule and circumstances just weren’t going to allow it. If I had my druthers… I would have gone – – sadly, […]

Caught: Speaking @ Web414

IMG_2480 Originally uploaded by graves.ryan. Ryan caught this photo of me speaking in Milwaukee at MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) on WordPress Theme Design for the Web414 June Meet Up.

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