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WordPress announced the (early) release of the latest version 2.6 today. I’ve upgraded this site without too many problems at all.

It is worth noting that Alex King’s Link Harvest plugin triggered fatal errors when I re-activated my plugins after the upgrade. I haven’t looked into this too deeply yet and I’ve not yet looked for a patch for this and don’t know if Alex is aware of any issues w/ 2.6 – but will keep my eye out.

It is also worth noting that even with this 2.6 upgrade, I still require the .htaccess fix in order to successfully utilize the flash-based image uploader. I posted about this issue when 2.5 first came out (Although, you can now toggle between the Flash uploader and the classic browser-based uploader when attempting to upload media files… without any plugin enhancements, I should add. The toggle is built into the core for those of you having difficulties with the Flash uploader).

Plugins I have currently installed on this blog that I have confirmed are working just fine and dandy (are compatible with) with 2.6:

I won’t re-iterate all of the great changes in this new version of WordPress – – Matt did a damn fine job of that himself on the WordPress Development Blog 2.6 announcement post – go have a read to learn all about the fantastic new editions and upgrades to your favorite blogging platform.

He did provide a great video for your viewing, and learning, pleasure:

Pressin’ on….

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12 thoughts on “Upgraded: WordPress 2.6”

  1. I’ve upgraded my blog also with no issues (so far). Mostly because I’ve abandoned a lot of Alex King’s plugins since he’s way too busy to support them now-a-days. Now on to upgrading my own plugins to support the movable wp-config.php and wp-content feature :((.

  2. Good to hear your upgrade went off without any problems. As for Link Harvest… gotta give those plugin devs a break – they work hard. Alex is too busy because his work is well used by the community 😉 He’s usually pretty good about releasing upgrades when things break with new WP releases.

    I like the movable wp-content and wp-config feature, too – – hawt!

  3. @Lisa
    That might’ve came out wrong. I’m not speaking bad about Alex, he does great work and is a great guy. That’s the reason why he is so busy! I am a plugin dev myself, so I totally understand. It’s just a bit relieving right now for me to not have to depend so much on his plugins. 🙂

  4. Completely agreed, Thaya – – I try not to depend on plugins, as much as is possible within the scope of my own abilities.

    If I had my way.. WordPress would build all of my favorite ‘must have’ plugins into the core just to keep me happy. haha 😉

  5. Has anyone experienced any login issues due the upgrade? It seems that I can’t login even after I’ve reset my password up to 3 times so far. First time this ever happens! 8-|

  6. @Jessica – good to hear!

    @Kareem – I haven’t had any login issues at all, can’t say that I’ve heard of any from anyone else either. Sorry you’re having troubles 🙁

    @David – Hoping all is well on your side of the pond, too! It was way past time for changes around here…thanks for your words 😀

  7. It’s all good now, I had to patch “wp-login.php” and “pluggable.php” and it’s got back to normal. Now I’d really appreciate it if someone hands me over WordPress 7 to feel some brand new stuff to cover the inconvenience! jk!

  8. Kareem,

    I’m also having problems logging into wordpress after upgrading to 2.6.1. I tried removing the cookies but that didn’t work. What did you do to your wp-login.php and pluggable.php files?


  9. Just found this post while searching for Link Harvest fixes and just thought I’d share how I got it working:

    * Edit …/wp-content/plugins/link-harvest/link-harvest.php
    * Look for the line:
    @define(‘AK_WPROOT’, ‘../../’);
    * Remove ../ so that the line looks like:
    @define(‘AK_WPROOT’, ‘../’);

    Now you can re-activate the plugin in WP 2.7 and re-harvest your links!


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