Goodies, Snacks and Baskets


I’m a bit spoiled. This past week, I received two deliveries to my door. Both of them addressed to me and each of them containing a few of my favorite things.

The first was from Amy @ Earnest Parenting. This was SO sweet! You may, or may not, remember a post I did recently where I gave away my paid registration for the SOBCon ’08 Conference in Chicago. I wanted to go very much – but, unfortuantley, my own schedule and circumstances just weren’t going to allow it. If I had my druthers… I would have gone – – sadly, my druthers were on vacation somewhere far and distant.

Since my registration was already bought and paid for – I decided to give it away to a visitor of my site. I had heard so much about this conference, and have had the opportunity to meet some of the folks who run it, I wanted someone else to benefit from it. My ‘contest’ wasn’t much – – I just asked them to make a post about why they would want to attend the conference. Amy made her post – and she was awarded the registration. The SOBCon folks made transfer of registration ownership absolutely painless. She did a few blog posts about her experiences and things she has learned – which were great to read!

To my very pleasant surprise – this week, I received a box in the mail from Amy! I opened it up to find a very, very nice Thank You card – and a gift basket FULL of things that I love. In the basket: 3 bags of ground, gourmet coffee; 2 bags of tea with a cute tea ball (!); some nifty post it notes and cute paper for making lists ( I LOVE lists!) and a very handy credit card sized Swiss Army gadget (love gadgets!):

Amy – thank you from the bottom of my heart! The coffee, alone, has me endeared to you forever! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time in Chicago!

My second surprise this week came in the form of candy. Oh my sweet tooth! I have this little link at the top right column of my blog that takes you to my Amazon Wish List. It’s just a little list I started to put together for my husband, because he never knows what to get me for any of those gift giving occasions. He’s cute – – but, between you and I? He’s a little clueless when it comes to such things. I put that little Wish List button up for the heck of it, about a year ago. I think, until now, he’s the only one who has ever used it – which is cool.

Two days ago, I got a box delivered to my door. I was a little confused, because I know I haven’t ordered anything lately and the return address said “Jelly Belly Distribution Center”. To know me is to know my absolute love for Jelly Belly’s. I’m truly addicted to the things. And THIS delivery was even more special because when I opened it – – it was a huge 2lb back of Belly Flops.

For the uninformed, Belly Flops are the official Jelly Belly rejects – – which makes me love them even MORE, because really … who doesn’t love a reject? They are the misshapen, irregular Jelly Bellys that don’t ever realize complete Jelly Belly Stardom. They are imperfect Jelly Bellys. Totally right up my alley! I open the box and start to completely covet my Belly Flops… and I’m looking for a note. A message. Some sort of indication on WHO hit my Wish List and sent me this 2lb bag of Flops that are SURE to rot my teeth out of my head??

No note. No…nothing. I have simply NO idea who sent them and just want to go on record right now and say THANK YOU to whoever did. If you meant to leave a note, but forgot…please let me know who you are! If your intention was to stay anonymous – either way, please accept my gracious thanks for providing me with at least a week of a damn good sugar high!

Thank you, Anonymous Belly Flop Sender!

7 thoughts on “Goodies, Snacks and Baskets”

  1. See… I can relate to the so-called BellyFlops because I am pretty much one myself.

    Nope, I can’t take credit for the present, but if I could I would have.

    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy you blog? I learn a lot from it. Just thought I should tell you as much.

  2. @Charlie – probably why I like you so much, you being a Belly Flop n’ all 🙂

    .. thank you for the compliment, between you and the Flops – I’m diabetic! 😡

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