Deadlines Don’t Care

I have been writing books since 2006 - that's a LONG time! The thing I've learned about book deadlines is that deadlines don't care about your life. They don't care about when you have the flu, or when you have 100 other things piling up in your To Do list, or even when you just flat out don't feel like writing. Deadlines are unforgiving.
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WordPress All-In-One by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Black Ribbons and Coffins

Many years ago I was working at a local Rehabilitation Center. It was my very first Director of Nursing position. I was 24. Promoted young. Idealistic. Optimistic. Unrealistic….. but motivated. There was another Lisa who worked with me. She was an Occupational Therapist who worked in the Rehab Clinic. One day, we came to work and there was a girl at the door who met us with black ribbons and asked us to wear them on our lapels all day long in honor of Lisa’s 30th birthday. Black ribbons.. because she turned 30 and we were helping her mourn her […]

WordPress Famous 5-Minute Install Clarification

When someone mentions the famous ‘5-minute install’ in reference to installing the WordPress software – either in a blog post or, say… in a book… they are referring to the time it takes to install the software itself. They are not referring to the time it takes to: Investigate computer systems and do a price comparison on different systems Decide on the exact computer you want to buy Purchase the computer Set up the computer Install FTP software Purchase and set up your domain name registration Obtain a web hosting provider Figure out how to use FTP in conjunction with […]

Optimism Tax Paid in Full

Earlier this year, I had a designer drop off the face of the earth. She is an extremely talented, and respected designer and I’m very sad to lose her. She worked with me at E.Webscapes for four years. During her time, her work was always stellar, customer service above par and work ethic beyond reproach. A few months ago, she just disappeared without a word. She didn’t just vanish – – she left, in her wake, seven projects in various stages of completion. Some almost completely done… some only halfway done…. some just started. Seven of them. One, I had […]

Sending Amy to SOBCon '08!

SOBCon ’08 is looming large – if ONLY I could go! Time is my enemy, but I shall prevail! Over the past few months, I have been working towards a few changes in life to make room for.. well, everything! This meant giving up some vices, scaling back in a few areas and practicing the word ‘No’ a few more times than usual (sorry Michael, you were the first victim, please forgive 🙂 To that end, last week I did a post about my SOBCon ’08 registration. With everything I have on my plate at the moment, I don’t want […]

Today's Thought

This is just a quickie…I don’t have a lot of time but wanted to share. Today, for me, has truly been a day of complete hell. I apologize for being sparse with the details… just believe me when I say it. My lingering thought for today, and the running theme throughout my life for the past several months is love. Love of the unconditional kind. To love, unconditionally, means to love – no matter what. The person receiving your unconditional love should have no doubts about your love.. and along with it the very strong reliance that you will be […]

SOBCon '08 Registration Give-Away

I had hoped to be able to attend the SOBCon ’08 conference in Chicago this May. I had heard SO many great things about SOBCon ’07 that I really wanted to go this year. I purchased my registration back in March and planned my schedule so that I could attend. Then came the wrench (isn’t there always one??). Among several other professional and personal obligations that I have going on right now – I heard back from my editors at Wiley Publishing. A few weeks ago, I submitted my proposed revisions and Table of Contents for the Second Edition of […]

I got carded.. for Sudafed

On Wednesday… I started feeling a little congested. I figured it was my usual season changing allergies that come around every year when the temperature gets warmer.. the ground thaws and pollen starts breaking free from it’s winter hibernation. I took an Allegra, and went about my business. On Thursday – my left ear started hurting and started feeling very ‘full’ – affecting my hearing a bit. You know how you feel when you have water in your ear and you’re constantly trying to *pop* your ear to get it to drain? Yea, like that. By Thursday night, it was […]

Tighten Up Those Terms and keep copies of EVERYTHING.. forever

Many times in dealing with my clients, I fear I repeat myself too often. When a client submits their order to us, they get treated to our terms of service statement not once… not twice… not three, but four different times during the order process. Plus, I refer them to the terms of service several times throughout their browsing experience on my site. In addition, their order will not be submitted to us unless they have checked the box that says “Yes, I have read your terms of service”. They are also presented with our terms within the project quote.. […]

WordPress 2.5 Released & My Needed Fix for Image Upload on servers with Mod_Security

WordPress 2.5 was finally released today, after much anticipation. Matt Mullenweg did a comprehensive post on the WordPress Blog about this new update and the changes to 2.5. I won’t go through all the major changes – – just read Matt’s post.. he’s done a nice job of explaining a few things and includes a video on some the enhancements. The WordPress.Org website has undergone a brand new re-design that coordinates with the new design of the WordPress Dashboard, as well. Some very nice improvements in the design you’ll notice when you upgrade to WordPress 2.5 – – it’s a […]

Open Call for Talented People

Building websites and WordPress blogs ain’t what it used to be, I’m telling ya! As development on several platforms expands and progress – our clients are seeing some great new uses of these platforms all over the place! Not everyone is happy with the typical blog framework anyore of content on the left, sidebar on the right with the usual Recent Posts, Categories, Archives, Blogroll…and navigation menu on the top. That is sooooo…. early 2000, isn’t it? We’re looking at a new generation of clients who are seeing phenomenal things happening in the areas of CMS developent and progress adn […]

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