Deadlines Don’t Care

I have been writing books since 2006 - that's a LONG time! The thing I've learned about book deadlines is that deadlines don't care about your life. They don't care about when you have the flu, or when you have 100 other things piling up in your To Do list, or even when you just flat out don't feel like writing. Deadlines are unforgiving.
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WordPress All-In-One by Lisa Sabin-Wilson


As this week is winding down, I’m feeling like I’ve finally come in from the rain (or the snow, since I’m in Wisconsin). Work has been crazy nuts over the past two weeks and I’ve been pushing myself harder than usual to meet deadlines and get things done. Some of it goes rather smoothly, while other bits are somewhat of a struggle, but at the end of the day – it comes together nicely. Speaking of something that has come together nicely – have you hear of BuddyPress? I discovered BuddyPress back in July of this year when a new […]

WordPress 2.7 goes gold

It’s out! The much anticipated 2.7 release of WordPress is officially released into the wild. Just want to give a quick and very heartfelt thanks to Matt for this statement on the WordPress Blog announcement of 2.7: The Future Those of you following along at home might have noticed this was our second major redesign of WordPress this year. Whoa nelly! While that wasn’t ideal, and I especially sympathize with those of you creating books or tutorials around WordPress, there’s good news. The changes to WordPress in 2.5 and 2.7 were necessary for us to break free of much of […]

WordPress Elved

Not sure if WordPress and the Dummies folks over at Wiley appreciate the bastardization of their logos in such a manner – – but I need to celebrate the completion of WordPress For Dummies 2nd Ed. somehow! 😀 Send your own ElfYourself eCards The *writing* of it is done – it does still need to go through a bit of copyediting, proofreading and printing. The actual release date is still tenative – – but I will be sure to update here as soon as I have a date you can count on 🙂 Now that is off my plate – […]

post_class(); … Take advantage of the new "Sticky Post" feature in WordPress 2.7

Of the many excellent new features coming in WordPress 2.7, some are applauding the arrival of sticky posts. First – what are they? Sticky posts are posts that you can “stick” to your front page. For instance, if you have a post that you published a year ago and would like to republish it to the front page of your site for a time – you can edit that post and select “Stick this post to the front page” in the Edit Post page in your WordPress admin panel. Just doing that will stick it to your front page, ahead […]

Update for WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition

I’m getting LOTS and lots of e-mail about WordPress For Dummies, Second Edition. I’m really excited to see so much anticipation about it – – mostly because I’m super excited about the book. But when is it coming out?? Originally, I had announced it was being released in Fall ’08. Amazon says November 2008 and so does Barnes and Noble. So, when is it really? The publish date for the book has been pushed back to December 2008. We’re not intentionally dragging our feet with it. The book is actually written, and I submitted 100% of the content in mid-October. […]


Overall, I’m glad it’s finally over. Congrats to Obama and his supporters. Sympathies to McCain and his supporters. This is via The Onion – enjoy: Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Happy Halloween, Weenies.

Halloween is not a “holiday” around here. Not for any religious reasons or other moral convictions; truth be told – my kids are way past Trick O’ Treating age and we live way too far outside city limits for any parent to drag their kid to our doorstep for candy treats. Seriously, the middle of nowhere. So for those of you who celebrate – enjoy! Be safe with your Trick O’ Treating and take the candy into be examined before you eat it – lots of local hospitals offer free Candy X-Ray services on Halloween. Our does! My friend Carol, […]

I love Wells Fargo

It’s Monday – start of a new business week. I started out getting myself organized for the week, and was doing pretty good. That is, until I visited the website of my favorite paper supplier to purchase more paper stock for some upcoming print work I need to get done. I went through their process of ordering – and then hit the checkout. I figured, in a few minutes, I’d have ordered what I needed – – and then check that off my list so I could move on to the next order of business for the day. That is […]

I have a problem that needs fixin' – can you help?

I hate, hate, hate the term ‘multitasking’. I can’t tell you why I hate it – it just doesn’t sit well with me. When someone tells me that they are multitasking – I get the impression that they aren’t really paying 100% attention to one particular task – – but, rather, some attention to several tasks. If that person happens to be performing a task for me – I feel like my task is maybe getting 60-80% of their attention, instead of 100%. If I’m a client who has paid this person to perform this task – then I get […]

WordCamp Chicago 2009

Things have been a little hectic over here, to say the least. Blog World Expo was great and I’ll blog more about it in the coming week. Our travels after that, though, were not so great. Nothing serious, in the midst of our “vacation” (and I use that term very very lightly) – I came down with the WORST case of bronchitis and ended up spending the entire time in a Nyquil haze in the hotel room. I have to call Jammie and beg her for forgiveness, as I was supposed to meet up with her and her husband while […]

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