Sending Amy to SOBCon '08!


SOBCon ’08 is looming large – if ONLY I could go! Time is my enemy, but I shall prevail! Over the past few months, I have been working towards a few changes in life to make room for.. well, everything! This meant giving up some vices, scaling back in a few areas and practicing the word ‘No’ a few more times than usual (sorry Michael, you were the first victim, please forgive 🙂

To that end, last week I did a post about my SOBCon ’08 registration. With everything I have on my plate at the moment, I don’t want to repeat the last year when I didn’t have time to breathe – – scaling back on a few things became a priority. I’m giving away my $450 SOBCon ’08 registration to someone who will get as much out of the even as I had hoped to. Giving it away makes me feel good – like I’m investing in a community that has given me so much.

I had a small group of people express their interest. Seeing how it was such short notice, and all (the conference is May 2-4) – I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to bite. I had 6 people who voiced their interest in the conference — and the choice was difficult. If I could, I would send all 6… but alas, I only have one registration, so I did it the ol’ fashioned way.

I put all the names into a hat.

I reached in.. my fingers fell on several pieces of paper at first. A little shuffling around…. turning and mixing – – those fingers finally settled on one. I pulled it out and opened it up.

Amy from Earnest Parenting is the winner of my SOBCon ’08 registration. Congratulations, Amy!! Drop me an e-mail at lisa AT lisasabin-wilson DOT com just to confirm your intention to attend (if I don’t hear from ya, I’ll have to dip back into the hat again).

Amy did a very nice post about why she wants to go to SOBCon ’08. You can read about it here.

Here’s a few snippets:

…because I know I can learn an amazing amount from the people putting on and attending the conference. I’ve been writing this blog for about ten months now, and have goals and aspirations to be a professional blogger. In fact, my plans for a cyber-empire are well underway. Bwahahahaha…

..Do I have something to offer the SOBCon attendees? Well, I’d be a very attentive learner and I’d use my experience to build a better blog in the hopes of meeting the goals I listed above. I’m a teacher at heart, and I also love to learn. Getting to share that learning with the world is a pleasure. I can share those loves, my enthusiasm, and my laughter with conference goers….

So, stop by Amy’s blog and wish her well! Amy, I hope to see you – – and all the SOBCon’er at SOBCon09!

What a GREAT way to start a Friday!

Disclaimer: Prior to my entry giving away my SOBCon08 registration, I did not know Amy. I was introduced to her through my give away.. lest anyone thing there was any favoritism going on here. Heh

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  1. Amy – you are VERY welcome! I responded to your email and forwarded the info to Terry Starbucker – – he’ll probably need more details from you.

    Have FUN in Chicago! Let us know all about how great it was 😀

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