WordPress Famous 5-Minute Install Clarification


When someone mentions the famous ‘5-minute install’ in reference to installing the WordPress software – either in a blog post or, say… in a book… they are referring to the time it takes to install the software itself.

They are not referring to the time it takes to:

  • Investigate computer systems and do a price comparison on different systems
  • Decide on the exact computer you want to buy
  • Purchase the computer
  • Set up the computer
  • Install FTP software
  • Purchase and set up your domain name registration
  • Obtain a web hosting provider
  • Figure out how to use FTP in conjunction with your web hosting services

I’m just sayin’.

BTW – I finally upgraded this blog from 2.3.x to the latest 2.5.1 and it went extremely smooth. *happy*

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7 thoughts on “WordPress Famous 5-Minute Install Clarification”

  1. My famous 5 min. install? Grab the tar.gz file, then struggle to get MySQL running on my own computer so I can run WordPress as a MySQL task. MySQL presents me with a 1,900 page manual. Now I’ve got MySQL server running, but can’t yet create the blog database. Every day brings some progress. Meanwhile I’ve got the domain name and have selected a Linux friendly hosting company. Also meanwhile I got your book on Wed now I’m 2/3 through it. All of your info is available elsewhere but I’m very happy that I bought your book. Greetings from Sacratomato.

  2. Update on five minute install – see comments of May 2. WorpPress is now installed on my localhost a ThinkPad T22 running Slackware Linux / GNU 12.0 … In the meantime I learned a lot about MySQL and Apache as well as getting PHP to run with Apache. I’m thrilled at how easy this all is. My purpose is to try out different WordPress features before presenting them to all the world. I’ll let y’all know as soon as there is a publicly available blog….

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