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I had hoped to be able to attend the SOBCon ’08 conference in Chicago this May. I had heard SO many great things about SOBCon ’07 that I really wanted to go this year. I purchased my registration back in March and planned my schedule so that I could attend.SOBCon ‘08 Business School for Bloggers

Then came the wrench (isn’t there always one??). Among several other professional and personal obligations that I have going on right now – I heard back from my editors at Wiley Publishing. A few weeks ago, I submitted my proposed revisions and Table of Contents for the Second Edition of WordPress For Dummies. They’ve gotten back to me and have not only enthusiastically accepted my proposal – but have confirmed their intention to go ahead with the Second Edition, starting immediately!

I have, roughly, 2.5 months to get it done! Judging by my last ‘go round’ with writing a book – I’m going to need all the spare time I can grab onto over here.. which means that SOBCon ’08 is, sadly, out the window.

The GOOD news, however, is this – – I have been in touch with Terry Starbucker, one of the organizers of the event (along with the illustrious Liz Strauss) – and they have confirmed that I can give my registration away and transfer it to another interested party.

The registration normally costs $450. I’m giving mine away – – no strings attached. I just don’t want to see the registration wasted when someone else could benefit from attendance, in my absence. All I want, in return, is some linkage back to this post – – it’s simple. Do a post on your blog about why you would like to attend the SOBCon and what you hope to get out of it.. trackback this post and that’s it. By April 25, if I have any interested takers at all – – I’ll throw any names in a hat and pick one and announce it here. I know it’s kind of short notice… but hey, someone might be interested!

Here are some SOBCon ’08 details:

After conferring with my family, publisher, co-workers and clients…I just can’t see a way for me to attend, as much as I wanted to. If someone else can benefit from the conference – why not, I say! A $450 registration to a very valuable conference – – all for a post about the conference with a link back here.. not a bad deal, really. (I wouldn’t turn down lifetime love and adoration, either. heh)

Let me know if you’re interested!

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  1. I’m glad your publishers want you to write immediately, that’s a compliment — but, awww, I just wanted to offer you my sympathy.

    Sorry, dearie. xoxo

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  3. How generous! I applaud you for setting a giving example. Will miss meeting you, Lisa. You made a wise decision, though. I’m blocking out some time after I get back from SOBCon to work on implementing everything I learned as well as following up with all the wonderful people I meet. Going to a conference and making the most of it takes some planning and space – too much when you’re trying to write a book.
    By the way, I found out about your blog from @easton’s tweet on twitter – good to know about you!

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  5. @ChrisG – I was looking forward to meeting you, as well as benefiting from the conference, itself – – hopefully there will be some great blogging after the conference and I can get a *feel* for what it was like to be there 🙂

  6. @Liz – I know!! I briefly ran into you at SXSW but didn’t get the chance to chat, unfortunately. Are we destined to be apart? lol Please do send anyone interested over…I don’t want the registration to go to waste 🙂 BEST of luck with SOBCon this year – I’m sure it will be a raving success!

  7. @GL Hoffman – maybe I could write a proposal for “WordPress For UberDummies” ?? I’m kidding, of course – don’t sell yourself short 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  8. @Barbara Rozgonyi – thank you 🙂 I hope SOBCon is a great success for you and you come home with a BOATLOAD of great ideas and new things to implement!

  9. a newbie to blogging, and attending sobcon this year I have been intrigued as it approaches. Things are starting to spin faster and faster, this dig, this bloggy thing amazes me. Similarly i am meeting more and more authors who speak to these deadlines like you have been given along with opportunity of course and I find myself in awe. My daughter likes to say about her favorite author Jodi Picoult ” Jodi – how do you do it? ”

    I think your registration give away is the coolest gesture ever

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  12. Lisa:

    I’m sure you remember me because I contacted you a while back about adopting your theme for my Adversity University blog. Then I donated some money to you in gratitude for all your suggestions and help while I was just getting started. Finally, I bought your WP book, which I absolutely loved.

    Congrats on the rewrite/re-edit of the book. Best wishes for continued success with it.

    Did anyone take you up on the giving away of the SOBCon08 registration? I’m curious.

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