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Myrtle Beach or Bust

Leaving on a jet plane….. at exactly 7:05 AM tomorrow morning, Chris and I are hopping a plane and scooting our collective asses outta Wisconsin for 5 days. To be very honest, this isn’t the best time for a vacation. I have gobs of client work to complete and I’m still in the final throes of book editing – but an opportunity came up that we just couldn’t turn down. A friend of ours had a week open on a condo rental on the beach in Myrtle Beach and offered it, fully knowing that I needed a sanity break, else […]

Designer Job Posting

Work, work, work…it’s my reason for the lack of updates here. It’s looking up, though – I actually got a final print date on the book, which is very exciting. I’ll just say that it’s soon! In other news, we’ve put a call for designers over at E.Webscapes, once again! The demand for our services has been growing at a steady rate and we’re looking to hire one one or two more designers who are experienced with graphic design, CSS and the popular blogging platforms available today (mainly WordPress – but Expression Engine, MT and Typepad as well). Interested? Visit […]

Delayed in Cleveland

We finally got home around 2 AM last night! Oy – I hate, hate, hate airport delays – and it seems to happen more and more these days! We left Hartford, CT at 5:30PM (EST) and arrived in Cleveland at 6:30. We were supposed to depart at 7:30PM EST and land here in Milwaukee at 7:30PM CST – but it was not to be. We were delayed.. not because of weather or anything, but because the Atlanta airport had delays and flight groundings… and the ripple effect backed everything up and we didn’t end up flying out of Cleveland until […]

Essentially Me

Char at Essential Keystrokes does a really nice and helpful feature every week called “Essential Tools” which highlights tools people use for success in their day to day lives that help them with productivity, organization and getting the job done. She’s featured some great people and put the spotlight on some really useful tools. Char features a new person every Wednesday and if you haven’t read Char’s Essential Tools features – there is no time like the present! Especially because this week’s feature is yours truly – what more reason do you need? Plus – in this weeks feature, I […]

Productivity Secrets Project

Stephen Benjamin @ The Instigator Blog has started a group writing project called The Ultimate Guide to Productivity. Char @ Essential Keystrokes has tagged me with this. Never having been one to turn down a fun game of “TAG! You’re IT!” – I present you with one of my own productivity secrets, which really isn’t all that secret, but they are things I rely on every day to keep me motivated and moving forward. First, my own personal arsenal of “MUSTS” when I sit down to work . . of course your mileage may vary, include: 1. Coffee, 2. Bottled […]

E.Webscapes is Hiring

Too many blogs – not enough time in the day! We are filling some serious amounts of design orders over at E.Webscapes – so much so that I am looking for a good designer (or two!) to join our team of talented designers. I’ve posted a job opening on my Design Blog – if you’re interested, have a read. If you’re REALLY interested – drop me a line. I’m looking for serious inquiries only. This is a part-time, work-from-home, position (unless you really WANT an in-office position.. I’ll try and make room for you here in my crowded office space!) […]

Virtual Assistant?

Congratulate me! Today, I am officially an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Well, E.Webscapes is.. err.. E.Webscapes Design Studio, LLC, to be official and exact. It doesn’t really change much except some tax issues and, mostly, personal liability issues – – but its done and dusted, and something that has been needed for quite some time. I’m considering the idea of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to assist me with some of the secretarial type tasks that I’m running into with my business. I feel like if I can hire on an assistant to delegate those tasks to, it will free […]

Once Again . . .

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It's gotta be a joke, right?

Client: We like your designs very much, but can’t afford them. We found another company with much a much lower pricing structure. Certain company owner: I’m sorry to hear that. Pricing does vary from designer to designer – I do wish you luck with your project, though. Can’t wait to see it in play! Client: That’s just it. See, we like your designs so much better so we were wondering if you could send one of your .PSD files to our new designer so they can use it? Certain company owner: ~~silence~~ …. umm, no.


I survived my night on call for hospice for the first time in 6 months. I’m unsure that I like that ol’ ball-and-chain feeling that I get, knowing that I’m responsible for 70 very ill home patients that span a 5 county distance. I don’t know how many times I looked at Chris that night and said, “Umm..explain to me once again, why did I agree to do this?” He says, “Because you were feeling isolated and needed the interaction?” Me, “Umm..yea.” It wasn’t so bad, really. I’ve just gotten used to not having anyone to answer to. Spoiled little […]

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