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Could Work Get Any Crazier?

18 hour day! I shouldn’t complain – because I did it in my pink sweatpants and slippers in my office that is right next to my bedroom. I can remember 18+ hour shifts at the hospital. How easily one gets spoiled, hey? A while ago, I was wondering out loud about using NASE’s membership, in particular the health/dental insurance for the self-employed. I got some great feedback in that post – – some good things, some not so good things from people who had experience with NASE. After this past week of problems, visits to the ER, filling 5 different […]


Imagine running a relatively low-key service on the web. You’re small. You’re humble. You’re happy. Along comes super big, well-known, huge corporation who wants to contract your services and in order to do so, you must go through a pretty tedious, long and involved audit that could take a few months, JUST to be able to do business with them. Pros: Super big, well-known, huge corporation is a great contact. Above named corporation is a nice little name to add to the client list. The financial arrangement doesn’t stink. Cons: Time consuming audit process. If you don’t pass the audit […]

Ringing in the New Year

Happy new year, everyone. Celebrate. Be happy. Just be safe – watch out for crazy people on the roads and please don’t drink and drive. I am greatly looking forward to 2005 a great deal. 2004 was a very good year and I have absolutely no complaints about 2004 at all – – it was incredible as far as years go. In July of this year I quit my full time nursing job and took the leap into full time self-employment. It was scary, exciting, exhilerating and freeing all at the same time. I had no idea where it would […]

Email Hell

I wake up in the morning – – make my coffee and then sit down at my computer to start work. This morning it took me 2 hours to read and then reply to my email that I had. TWO HOURS! That’s not to say you should stop emailing me – – I’m just sayin. I need a secretary.


It is 20 minutes after midnite. I just got out of the shower because I needed the refresher. That, and I needed to condition and treat my hair – – cold weather is NOT nice to my hair, especially when we turn on the furnace and the air in this house turns as dry as the desert! I know I know — we have a humidifier – it’s just a matter of setting it up, which we haven’t done yet. Oh! Oh! Speaking of winter weather . . . our local downhill ski spot has been making snow this week!! […]

Reflection Time

Many, many, many (did I say many?) years ago, I saw the ad on TV. It was back when the dotcom biz was booming – – the premise: three friends go into business together making ‘widgets’. They stumble upon this great eCommerce package and decide to take their business on the web. Up goes their business page – and then all three friends sit around the kitchen table watching the computer monitor – wondering when their first order would come in. It came with in minutes – – and then the next, then the next . . until they had […]

It's Official!

I need at LEAST three of me! *scream* Whew – a good scream always makes me feel better. Self employment is great – – and I love it! But don’t you hate when you’re in that growth period where you could really use an assistant . . but you’re not ready to afford an assistant?? That’s where I am. Right. Now. This. Very. Moment. Pardon me whilst I melt down. 🙂

Something About Friday

Last week was crazy hectic with custom design requests. Really, it was nuts — I thought I’d lose my mind. This week has been nice and slow – – one, or two – but that’s about it. It’s how it is with this business. I’ve been doing it for about 8 years now and it’s either feast, or famine. It never really seems to come at a nice, even pace — it’s always HUGE amounts of work to do, or none. But, there is always something to do to keep me busy, which is why I also branched off into […]

Cough. Sniffle.

I caught a bug. I so hate being sick . . I can’t even tell you. I worked a full day today for Hospice and it took the strength of every fibre of my being not to just find someplace to lay down, curl up and fall asleep. I was so drained – that the curbside was looking like a comfortable place to lay my head today. I’ve had this horrid migraine for the past two days – – then came the hot flashes..then the dizzy spells – – and now finally the bug has broken through and is having […]

Yea, baby

It’s been a full week since I quit my day job. I slept in this morning and I feel so guilty about it! I’m sure I’ll get over those guilt feelings – – but after a lifetime of working long hours, starting way too early in the mornings – so this transition will take some getting used to. I’m sure I’ll manage, though. Good thing I quit – – I think I’d be pulling out my hair right about now if I were still responsible for those 8 hours a day to my old employer. I put it a good, […]

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