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Work, work, work…it’s my reason for the lack of updates here. It’s looking up, though – I actually got a final print date on the book, which is very exciting. I’ll just say that it’s soon!

E.Webscapes Blog Design Studio, Hiring Blog Designer, Designer for Hire, Freelance, CSS, Graphic Design In other news, we’ve put a call for designers over at E.Webscapes, once again! The demand for our services has been growing at a steady rate and we’re looking to hire one one or two more designers who are experienced with graphic design, CSS and the popular blogging platforms available today (mainly WordPress – but Expression Engine, MT and Typepad as well).

Interested? Visit the job posting at E.Webscapes and then drop a note!

Quick updates on my life as I know it right now? Work, and work. Oh, and did I mention work?

Chris and I are planning a short vacation to enjoy some diving in Myrtle Beach, SC towards the end of this month. It’s the diving vacation that we weren’t able to take for our anniversary back in June. I’m looking forward to a few days of relaxation, sun and surf! We’ve scheduled a few cool wreck dives down there — so I’ll surely have some cool pictures of some Civil War and WWII wrecks from our trip. I’m really looking forward to it.

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