I survived my night on call for hospice for the first time in 6 months. I’m unsure that I like that ol’ ball-and-chain feeling that I get, knowing that I’m responsible for 70 very ill home patients that span a 5 county distance. I don’t know how many times I looked at Chris that night and said, “Umm..explain to me once again, why did I agree to do this?”

He says, “Because you were feeling isolated and needed the interaction?”

Me, “Umm..yea.”

It wasn’t so bad, really. I’ve just gotten used to not having anyone to answer to. Spoiled little ol’ me.

Next . . we bought the boat on Saturday! We get to pick it up on Thursday – which means boating over the weekend, if weather permits. There won’t be any waterskiing — the water isn’t warm enough yet. But – we’re thinking of taking my Dad and Ben, my son, out on Lake Michigan for a day of fishing. I can’t wait!

I purchased one of these over the weekend, too. I’ve been getting several orders that include business cards, brochures, letterhead, etc, etc. I normally either farm those printing projects out to my Mom, or let my Ink Jet handle it, for the smaller jobs. The orders for print have grown – I figured it justified the purchase.

So I then spent the weekend printing business cards and brochures.

Gee. I sure know how to have fun, hey?

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  1. The water temp doesn’t matter much if you don’t fall… :twisted::razz:

    I had an Oki printer for my previous one. Did a very good job, but was very slow. Currently I’m using a Lexmark at home which is okay and Brother at work, which is excellent.

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