Self Employment

Brain Drain

I think it’s official, at least for today. My brain has hit blogging overload! Obviously not here at my blog – – nor over at Right Voices either. Let’s just say business is really super good lately – – and today is no exception. Email program is dinging and ringing every few minutes. Phone is ringing off the hook. I’m seeing code behind my eyelids! I think it’s time to close down all of my browser windows. Shut down my PhotoShop and Paint Shop. Click the little X in the right corner of my Corel Graphics Studio and even say […]


I have a guy named Bruce coming over this afternoon at 4pm. He’s from NASE – National Association for the Self Employed. He’s pitching me a sale on the benefits of membership. Anyone out there a member that can tell me about why THEY think membership is beneficial for self-employed people? I know I’ll hear Bruce tell me all about why HE thinks it’s beneficial – but then, he’s a sales person, so you gotta take what they say with a grain of salt. They have benefits ranging from health benefits to tax help and discount incentives and networking benefits. […]

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