Fun N’ Frolic

Goodies, Snacks and Baskets

I’m a bit spoiled. This past week, I received two deliveries to my door. Both of them addressed to me and each of them containing a few of my favorite things. The first was from Amy @ Earnest Parenting. This was SO sweet! You may, or may not, remember a post I did recently where I gave away my paid registration for the SOBCon ’08 Conference in Chicago. I wanted to go very much – but, unfortuantley, my own schedule and circumstances just weren’t going to allow it. If I had my druthers… I would have gone – – sadly, […]

Take the time

Got someone in your life you love? A friend. A parent. A child. A lover… take a moment and let them know….just ’cause. Do them… and yourself.. the favor of taking the time to say it out loud. Hope you all have a good weekend – – as for me? I need a sanity break. 🙂

All Work n' No Play . . You know the story

The only problem with working on so many great blogs for our clients is that my own gets sorely neglected. I’ve had a new design for this site in the works for several months – but I can’t find a spare minute. Also, relatively decent ideas for posts here come and go throughout my day. They are there….then *poof* they are gone again. Aside from gobs of design work, I did finally begin the writing of the second edition of WordPress For Dummies, due to be released in a few short months. I did finish the writing of the free […]

Believe it or not.. I am still alive

It’s been kind of nuts over the past 2 weeks, hence the lack of updates here. I’ve been getting ready for my 5-day trip to Austin, TX for the SXSWi Conference. I leave very very early on Friday morning and will be returning home on Tuesday evening. Much needed to be done before my departure, which leaves absolutely zero time for blogging, of course! I will be working from Austin during my down time (if any clients are reading this – no worries, please! Austin is wired and I’ll be hooked in) – and avail. by email, of course. Most […]

My Home on Google Maps

Somehow, I found myself on Google Maps today – – and out of pure curiosity, I entered my home address to see what would come up. Because we literally live out in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t really expect that Google Maps would even have us listed. But they do! Once I entered my address and clicked the “satellite” link – I was presented with our home, in all it’s glory – – you can even see my car sitting in the driveway! Kinda scary! Good thing I’m not a nude sunbather, eh? ha!

Custom Development Query – the quest for perfect blog toast

I bet you thought, based on the title, it was going to be about database queries. No, actually, this is a query – as in a question. I already have my own opinions on this one – – but I’m curious as to the perspectives of others out here. This question was actually from a reader of my book, WordPress For Dummies and the question raised because of a recommendation I had made in hiring outside developers to work on your blog. I believe it’s important to prioritize your needs, based on your skills and capabilities. If you’re spending more […]

Post It Toast

I totally want this. I don’t know why – I’m unsure if I’d every really use it beyond the novelty once or twice. Can’t you just envision how obnoxious this could get??? Probably why I love it so much….the obnoxious factor, and the design. h/t: Yanko Design

Conversation in the car

My daughter and I had gone to Starbucks last night before hitting the grocery store. She usually gets a Vanilla Soy Latte – but this time wanted something holiday-ish. So I tell her to order the Peppermint Mocha. “You’ll love it,” I say. She was skeptical… but daring enough to order it. When we got our order….. Me: Pass that over, I want to try it Her: You’ve never had it?? I thought you told me I would love it! Me: No, I haven’t had it – but it sounds good. Her: How did you know I would love it […]

A Glimpse Inside Dark Places

I’m woman enough to admit an unhealthy curiosity to the Postsecret Blog. It’s been around for awhile – I’m sure if you haven’t visited it, you’ve heard of it. It’s a blog that posts secrets. Anyone who wants to can reveal their innermost thoughts and unspeakables… things they would never reveal or say out loud, mostly. People mail them in, anonymously – – and this blog posts them. Secrets, really. Really, what is it about the people who take the time to write their secrets down and mail them to be posted on an anonymous blog? It’s a wildly popular […]

Back and Buried

Just a quick note to say I’m finally back from my trip to NYC and Florida – – and am literally buried over my head in e-mails. I know exactly how the rest of my day will be spent… responding to and returning emails that have come in over the last several days. My internet connection was sketchy, at best, as I travelled. The Future of Web Design conference was pretty much a bust. I thought it would be a bit more ‘meatier’ than it turned out to be. Maybe I’ll write more about why later, when I have more […]

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